Something-New Sunday

Spring has officially sprung and we've been doing some
Spring cleaning on The Cart.
Our website is all prettied up and ready for company!
We've introduced a new feature too--
Something-New Sunday.
Every Sunday there will be a new design in the website house's attic. This week there are a couple of Underwater Circus sideshow-types in there, Samson and Delilah. . .
 . . .along with some Springtimey triplets, the Blossom Sisters-
The Mister also made a very silly tiny video this week,
which you can watch here.
. . .
I hope you're all having a lovely Something-New Sunday.


  1. Your 'New Look' is fantastic, and on Sundays I shall look forward to visiting you to see what has arrived in your attic..... make sure you have the kettle on.

    I love the side show types, Samson is so handsome and Delilah has great boobs.

  2. Why do I hear circus music when I look at those? Very cool!

  3. These are great! Such a sense of fun that comes through these two. I think I see you doing "Couples in History" series. Who's next? Bonnie and Clyde, she won't be as much fun she was flat chested.

  4. I like your website design and I like that you've found a way to continue unveiling a cast of characters each week. :-) Sunday night CBTH unveils are such a fun thing to look for.

  5. MY CHEEKS ACHE!!!!! That video is hysterical! I LOVE IT! Dylan, you are wonderfully c-r-a-z-y! And, Jo, your new look PLUS your new creations are the best! What I want to know is how did I EVER do without you two before we 'met'? You're the coolest!

  6. That video really made me laugh out loud.

    Merboobies are hilarious! And of course that fellow makes me grin. That mustache is badass.


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