This Morning

Tuzy the Wonderfluff and I headed over to my folks house for breakfast this morning. I brought the camera along for the 9 mile trip, in hopes of catching a little prettiness on this gorgeous Oregon day.
Goose, goose.

Fish a la Cousin Tim.

Silly Tuzy.

A view. Oregon, especially the coast, is a feast for the eyes.
It's a good thing too, because my eyes are always hungry!


  1. You lucky lucky person! Oregon is my favorite state in the entire country and if I lived there, I'd never leave! I love seeing pic's of it, but I especially love to see the pup! What a ball of fluff!

  2. Love the photos, fun to see how you spend your days and where you live. Love that tree carving.


  3. I once had high hopes of getting there but I think that is a lost dream but thank you for the lovely photos.

  4. Thank you.
    It's so nice to see something other than snow.

  5. ahhh. lovely. Lovely post about a lovely day. thanks!

  6. One of the places on my visit list...you may have just moved it to the top!

  7. Oh, such WONDERFUL things to see! Loved the old tree! What a gorgeous pup!! My brushes were dancing when they saw the seaside!! What a lucky gal you are!

  8. Wow, lil' Jo! Just LOOK at all the bloggers who want to go to Oregon! Include me, me, me in that list, and you surely are going to have a LOT of houseguests! BWAHAHAHAHA ....! Your doggy is adorable! And here's my question: Is EVERYONE in your family (think cousin Tim & Yelena here) artistic? It must be something in that Oregon water!

  9. Just gorgeous! I spent a good bit of my childhood in Oregon, and remember the coast so well. My parents would drive the car right down on the beach and we'd have a tailgate picnic....Such a beautiful state. Have you been to Multnomah Falls? Soooo pretty, and I remember many dinners at the lodge there. :)

    Oh, and Tuzy the Wonderfluff is just adorable!

    ♥ Carolee

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