Spring and a Papery Mess

Spring is springing!
Here's a little proof of Mother Nature's intentions
for all you blizzard-bound captives of a seemingly endless Winter.
This brave little flower is poking it's pretty little heads out of my needs-to-be-weeded courtyard.
Weeds mean Spring, so yay for weeds!
The bright blue sky, after so many months of gray, is trying to distract me from the task(s) at hand. Here's today's worktable, evidence of my super-human imperviousness to pretty weather. (OK, so I've been waiting for dark to really get to work.)
It's a papery mess! Along with some new designs, I've been drawing stuff for more website make-over happenings. The drawing part I can do, but getting them from paper into the computer is another story. A story involving magical nerdy elves, and the blind leading the blind. Pretty exciting stuff.

Has Spring begun to surface in your neck of the woods?


  1. YOU, TOO! I just noticed some white flowers right outside my craft room window this afternoon. Don't know what they ARE, but I was surprised to see them! Yours are 'purty!' So are your newest creations-in-progress! I'm NOT looking forward to Spring but I AM looking forward to seeing your finished 'critters'!

  2. NO!
    Just Snow! I'm about to turn into someone from "The Shining"!

  3. Spring really hasn't begun to come to North Dakota yet. However I had the pleasure of watching Robins flying around and playing a week ago. That was surprising as I don't remember them coming around this early before. I think they got confused and blown in by the strong winds we sometimes get around here - LOL! I love seeing what you come up with. It will be fun to see how the website evolves.

  4. We're almost 80 degrees. The grapevines and all the fruit trees have their leaves now! I have super powerful spring fever now--wanting to do 10 things at one time.

  5. Weather-wise our winter is like alternating days of autumn and spring... which is not too shabby.
    I've planted bare root trees that are now full of blossoms.
    I wish the mess in my space was a result of amazing creative productivity... like yours.

  6. Giggle! Magical nerdy elves, lol! The little storefront is going to be awesome. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  7. Um, how did you find your elves? Do you like, pay them a retainer? Or just leave out a dish of mini M&Ms or something?

  8. Central Pennsylvania is still full of snow. I don't even THINK abut spring until the middle of March. And then, we don't even see spring until the middle of April. All we are seeing in these parts are piles of dirty snow, occasionally decorated with splotches of yellow. Not pretty.

    Thanks for sharing that lovely flower photo. It does make me the slightest bit hopeful.

  9. Awwwww....wish I had your ability to draw...my pencil never does what my brain tells it to!

    Yep, I have some mini daffodils coming up and I am just delighted!

    Your website is gonna be the best!


  10. ahhh...how I wish we could see a little flower poke it's head....but we have nothing but snow, snow, snow.

    We will go to the Phila Flower Show in a couple of weeks to get our little glimpse of springtime!

  11. We do not have flowers but -- today, Mr and Mrs Nuthatch stopped by to look around to find THE best spot for a nest on the back deck. Buck and his seven (oy!) does came through our back yard to check out the best spot for a nursery and had a bite at the corn bar we put out for them. Mr and Mrs Cardinal were seen acting rather inappropriately on the front porch... so the world is still quite chilly here, COLD even -- but Spring is packing her bags for her annual visit.
    She can't get here fast enough for some of us.
    Take care.


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