Mathematical Equations a la Cart

A new Alice joined the menagerie this week. One with a Cheshire Cat in tow.
I really like how she turned out.
Her mischievous kitty companion took a little inspiration from Disney's classic Cheshire, a lot of inspiration from Tenniel's 1866 version, and a little silliness al la Cart. Voila!
(That's the closest I get to doing math.)

We also made Birdie a friend (she was lonely and wanted a Valentine of her own).
They were made for each other


  1. I like how she came out too and the cat is the perfect touch.


  2. I love how you've made an Alice in your style!!! She is a-w-e-s-o-m-e!
    I like the cat also.

  3. You want to hear an amazing story that I've never admitted to anyone? When I was a child, the fifth of five kids, my parents were older and apathetic. They never read me a children's tale and never took me to kid's movies. It wasn't until I had my son 25 years later that I saw Cinderella and read about Snow White. But, the one tale I still have never read or seen is "Alice in Wonderland" and I admit that in a perverse way I've avoided it. I want to be very old when I read it and learn about it. I like that everyone knows it but me. I've seen the images and heard the names of characters and I must say--your rendition makes me wish I would hurry and read it sooner!

  4. Thank goodliness you didn't take that mathfaffery any further. I just managed to keep up. An excellent solution.

  5. Love the cat. Oh and I made an owl and love the way it came together so fast. Thank you.

  6. I love your dolls, and your Alice is so cut....and cheshire is my lost :)

  7. Your kind of math is my kind of math. I wanted to be an architect until I figured out I'd have to pass physics in college. ;-)

  8. What a LOVELY Alice! And your Birdie has the perfect partner now! But it's your Cheshire Cat that captured me. SOOOOOO WONDERFUL! And, WHAT???? That's not the way ALL math should be figured? I have always been a word person - math is a mystery to my Swiss cheese brain! I LIKE your equations, Jo! I LOVE your CREATIONS, Jo! And I absolutely love YOU, lil' Jo! Now, go make some MORE pretties to show us!

  9. Ha! I LOVE that equation!! I think it also = purrfect cat. I clearly have a thing for the cheshire cat and your interpretation is wonderful! Alice is quite the charmer too.

  10. WOW! All of them are fabulous!
    I love the color choices! of course I always adore a cat!
    And since Autumnforest was so brave... I too have never read or seen Alice in Wonderland! I was going to see the new Johnny Depp movie of course but maybe I will actually read the tale beforehand!

  11. Love the word "mathfaffery"!! LOL!! I was saying that sort of word doing my taxes yesterday!

    Hmmmm...looks to me like some math story problems...hate math, but those were not so bad. The world would be a better place if all of math could be done with pictures and words!

    Jo, these are wonderland awesomeness! Your birds are fresh and delightful!

    Great stuff!


  12. That Alice made me squeal. She's beautiful! Love the little bob.

  13. what a cute and creative way to put the Cat in the scene!! love it!

  14. I love the newest Alice and adore the Cheshire Cat a la cart! It's good that Birdie has a companion...no one should have to be alone especially this close to Valentine's Day!

  15. AMAZING Jo! I love your mathematical formula for your Cheshire cat, what a purrfect solution! And I'm so glad birdie now has a Valentine just in time for the big day. Deb

  16. Jo, I 'like' your math! I dropped math in Gr. 11, but your type of math I probably would have excelled at!

    Alice is fabulous and made all the more wonderful by her kitty with his amazing grin! Love this pair.


  17. OMGosh! QAlice and Cheshire!!!
    I love her! And the cat - !!!!! Twisted - wicked - awesome - just love everything about them! I don't know if you listed them on Ebay yet - but maybe you should list them when the new movie starts! What a way to show it off!!!!

    WELL DONE!!!

    Traci <:

  18. your version of Cheshire cat is so fun and adorable! cool birds too (just keep em away from ol' Cheshire) :)

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  20. She's wonderful! I love her stylish bob:)

  21. How fascinating! Your work is lovely!


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