Show and Tell --- Collections

I'm a bit of a collector.
I love pretty little groups of silmilar things.
Buttons, bunnies, Red Reding Hoods, teeny-tiny bits-n-bobs.
And chairs. I just love little chairs.

And itty bitty deer. (Or is it deers?)
I wonder what our collections say about us.

(Speaking of which, Lisa Cogndon takes collecting to a new level.)

What do YOU collect?
Show us, please.


  1. I admit, I don't collect anything because then I'd have to make a home for it and I really don't have the space, but I do collect movies and books. I find entertainment to be my favorite thing to accrue. I love yours, though. Adorable! The chairs and deer are especially cute. Seems like a lover of the woodlands to me.

  2. There isn't enough room here to show it all. I'll hit a few of the highlights...

    dolls (especially but not limited to antique china heads)

    wee forest folk- google the name- too cute

    current 'creative' fascination (at the moment yarn) but also paper arts. I'd say I collect the equipment TO create..

    baskets- but I'm kinda over that

    antique handbags

    I also have a collection of little chairs

    and in the attic full size antique chairs

    and shoes... but then who doesn't????

    hummmm, maybe I need that hoarder show... nah, they all have their place!

  3. Teapots! Lots and lots of teapots, mostly whimsical, but a few more practical, and WONDERFUL for brewing tea (a 19th century YiXing clay pot, an old English "Brown Betty"...)

    In the early '90's I got into collecting Lilliput Lane houses (tiny English cottages) so now have a collection of those adorning the living room bookshelves.

    Which brings me to books. Many, many books. I can't bear to check them out and return them - if I love a book (and I love most I read) I want to own it. Thank heaven for Barnes and Noble gift cards, hehe. :)

    Odds and ends that remind me of my misspent youth...incense burners and such, an antique hookah...;)

    And art supplies of course! Most days it looks like an art store exploded in here....

    What a fun post, and I love your chairs, and those little deer!

    ♥ Carolee
    PS - Re shoes - not I, lol! NOT a shoe person....only own three pair, strictly practical, all of them. :)

  4. I love your chairs! And I have a little deer, too. But I don't think I have an official 'collection' of anything - just one of every single thing on the planet! LOL! Oh, wait, I do have 3 troll dolls. :) Pam

  5. I dont have a picture but I somehow have come to collect little rocking chairs made out of clothes pins. Who knew there so many configurations?

  6. Hmmm I will think about this..and post a pic on my site.

    hmmm ponder ponder.


  7. I use to collect art glass and pottery, but stopped due to space, plus royal ruby depression glass, which I also stopped due to space....

    and I collected carved Santa, Belsnickel and Father Christmas figures but decided to stop that due to space....

    I collect antique textiles too....quilts, tatting, crochet, hardanger, bobbin lace, cutwork, etc. It started with hubby's grandmother and I just find them amazing. I also have a Sheila Hicks piece she bound for me. One of my favorite pieces ever.

    Right now I'm being naughty again and started a little collection of EHAG artists....I guess I thought I found some space!!

  8. What a fun collection and nice way to display them. I cannot imagine doing that in my house though, my kitties would have a ball with all those chairs.

    I collect cats, now I stick with antique and art pieces, my favorite is my bustamante cat egg.


  9. Gosh, I collect so much - old buttons, tiny chairs (like you), antique cloth dolls (the more primitive the better), antique lace - particularly metallic and beaded, antique and vintage clothing and linens. Books! Tiny little 'smalls' that are interesting and full of whimsy. Can you tell my place is cluttered? LOL

    Loved to see your collection of chairs and deer!


  10. I used to collect white milk glass pedestal vases - the cheap kind you can buy at the thrift store. They looked great all lined up in a row on my mantel until one day the picture behind them leaned forward and sent them ALL falling to the floor below. Bummer. But on the other hand, now I will make a new collection of some inexpensie thrift store item. :-)

    I like chairs, too, but don't collect them.

  11. Old oil cans, the kind with the long, pointy spout, from tiny, sewing machine size to real workshop size. I can't explain it, but the shape is fascinating for me.

  12. I like the way you've grouped your chair collection, Jo. I have sooooo many collections but besides my book collection my favourite is my african artefact collection. If you love chairs, hop over to aviewbeyondwords.blogspot.com to see Karin's exquisite chair. You will love it!

  13. Jo... your chair collection is the sweetest. I love little chairs but I don't collect them. The deer are sweet too. :0)
    As for me I collect artist bears, Halloween art, pottery, and sea glass. I love antiques too....but I really don't have a collection of one thing in that department.

  14. Oh, those are DARLING! I never THOUGHT about collecting teeny chairs! Love that! I collect BOOKS, gingerbread people in every form, old-fashioned Santas, and family. (Yes, I'm SO serious! I don't have much blood family so I CHOOSE my family from people I love!) I used to collect teacups but a lil' kitty I had decided to jump up on my shelves & destroy them in one fell swoop. Uh-oh!

  15. Jo,

    Love the cool artsy photo of the chairs and deers (dears...). Love the collection too.

    I love antique chairs. What is it about chairs? I have brought sooo many home and they end up leaving because I do not have space.

    However, I do collect all kinds of chickens. I have loved chickens since I was a kid.

    Some of my most recent are props from the movie set of Extaordiary Measures, which was filmed in my area. Got two of them when they sold off the props.

    My MOST recent was a great Goodwill find yesterday on my lunch hour.

    I will post pictures soon! Great topic Jo!


  16. I Love those chairs!! I collect wood angels, I'll take some pics, they are all over the place :o)

  17. Well, at first I'd say I don't collect anything but...
    OK, I too have a few little chairs,some stacks of fabric, paint brushes,old cupboards doors (to paint on) and old drawers, wire, old books to rip up, dog paintings - white bedsheets (to cover everything in my house from the pet hair, ohhhhh
    ok, I guess cats and little dogs (that people no longer want) ohhh and flowers(perennials), old garden tools, garden hanging pots..........oh dear, maybe I need an intervention!

  18. I collect chairs like yours,I have mine on my mantel.I also collect those really old stuffed dolls with the rubber faces on them I don't know what they are called but I call them poodleipoes for some odd reason?

  19. I used top collect teapots, but ran out of room and then changed my decore so now I only display my favorite teapots around the house.

    I love those little chairs, though. I have seen them mounted on a wall as art before, like tiny little shelves. Very unique.


  20. LOVE the miniature chairs! I only have one so far...so it's not a collection yet! lol!! I'm not sure I'm much of a collector. At least of things I put on display. Now...if we are talking assemblage "supplies"...some of my favorites are....vintage navigational maps and clock and watch parts. But, I LOVE looking at what other people collect and how they display them!

  21. I FINALLY posted pics of my chicken collection at my blog...take a peek?

    Annette-Confounded Concoctions

  22. Wow-Some else collects chairs! They are adorable. They are great for displays. I found one that is a lounge chair that the top lifts up and has a tiny area for storage. I never realized that I had so many until started looking around my sewing room.


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