Here's that undone batch down there in that last post
all done-up and sitting pretty.

Well, they didn't all make it to the photo session. The bird girl is all done, but there was a little mishap with her stand, so she'll have to make her debut another day. And that little bitty
lime-headed girly isn't in the before picture because she was added later. Miss Lemonhead was lonely.

You can see more of all of them HERE, if you want to.

I set deadlines for myself, but I try not to call them deadlines in my head because that word is just kinda scary in and of itself, don't you think? I prefer to think of them as finish lines. That sounds so much more triumphant. Not that I run through a paper ribbon just after I put the last sparkle in the last eye, arms held high. That would just be silly.


  1. They are fabulous creatures! What a wonderful world is the imagination! Great work.

    Come and visit me @ www.theroofcat.blogspot.com or


  2. You are amazing! Maybe add a ticker tape parade at the end of the week - you deserve it. :) I adore the cat and monkey sitting next to each other, with their lovely skirts. I'm gobsmacked by what you get done every week! xo Pam

  3. While you are running through and breaking the ribbon at the end of your deadline, I'm standing there cheering as you do!

  4. They are all fabulous! They look like they're in the stands cheering you on. :)

  5. Can't decide who my favorite is, so I'll not pick one this week. Those girls lined up in their skirts do make me happy, though.

  6. Beautiful work, as always, Jo! I love to see your unique and creative art pieces each week. They make me smile...Susan

  7. What do you MEAN 'just silly'? Hang that ribbon, lil' Jo! You DESERVE to break ribbons because you are a marathon little people creator! Oh, that lil' Limehead girl is hysterical! I am in love with her! The monkey in her darling dress? Soooooo fun! Oh, shoot! ALL are amazing! YOU are amazing. (Incidentally, in case you ever wonder if I'm just full of it, my 'gushing' really IS sincere! I don't gush over much, but I can't HELP myself when I come to your blog!)

  8. I love the mama lemon and baby lime. Sweet.

  9. Amazing pieces, as always! I think my favorite is the lemon girl and baby lime. :)

    Just checked out the updated website too...What fun to see all those pieces at once, and dream about owning one (someday, hehe!)

    And yes, I agree - you should definitely put up a ribbon to run through when you hit the finish line - It DOES feel like that sometimes, doesn't it? :)

    ~ Carolee

  10. I dunno, Jo. I think a paper ribbon sounds waaaaaay fun. I might try that as a motivator. :-)


  11. I think silliness is part of your regimen already!! A paper ribbon might be what makes those 'finish lines' work even better! Love Ms. Kitty and her plaid dress!!

  12. Anonymous1/11/2010

    Ms. Lemon Head and that lime head made me scream. Those are a hoot. Just looked at the fabulous new website. It's to die for. Really shows you art off well. Dylan did gooood! xo

  13. soooooooooooooo beautiful!!!!

  14. Holy cow!! These are fabulous!! I have been blessed this month to be involved in an art exhibit in which 3 of my pieces sold!!! :-) Once the dust settles...I am really hoping to have enough $$$ left over to purchase one of your wonderful creations!!


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