What is that silly woman up to now?

Glueing teeny tiny strips of paper towels
to the bottom half of plastic easter eggs that have been
attached to little wooden dowels, of course.

Like so.

Mushrooms? Boobies? Tiny umbrellas?
I'm not telling.

But here's a sneak peek at a corner of today's table,
if you wanna try to figure it out.

I'm playing with paper mache and paperclay today. Almost anything is up for grabs when it comes time to make armatures-- Styrofoam, wood, cardboard, plastic easter eggs. . . My favorite armature-building material is recycled priority mail boxes. That's what most of this table's stuff started out as. (You can find the template for making those little houses here.)
I'm down to my last little bits of paperclay, but there's more on the way. Goody goody! It's best when it's fresh. I love Creative Paperclay brand best. We can't buy it anywhere within 80 miles, but we periodically order a big batch online and save lots of moolah. My paper towel supply is still going strong, which is good beacuse who knows when I'll come across more of my favorite kind. And I have enough white glue to last awhile. Ya think? I had that big ole jug-o-glue on the kitchen counter the other day and almost poured some on my Cheerios instead of milk. Oops!

What favorite art supply
can you not live without?


  1. lately- it's a toss up between... a black micron marker and yarn. Not on the same project however!

  2. Glass glitter, mica flakes or anything that sparkles

  3. glue in your cereal, huh? Well, at least you know it would stick to your ribs. Hee hee. Great work--your life is so interesting.

  4. You have shaken me to the core... I am so far removed from playing and art, that I cannot think what my favorite supply is or would be or could be, but I do know that every time I visit this blog, I want to explore and paint and make and create.
    I could make a New Year's Resolution: Discover my favorite art supply.

  5. I do love white glue. It's so good for just about everything. :) But I also love embroidery floss and acrylic paint (I'm looking at the table I work on, and that's what I see the most of). Can't wait to see what the egg turns into! :)

  6. My biggest item is walnut spray. I use it on cloth, wool projects, punch needle and frakturs, so I always have a supply on hand.


  7. that's a tough question since i "need" everything in my craft room! but probably my sewing machine, fabric, and paint. you are just so clever and great to recycle!! funny my word verification is numsul i wonder if they left the letter k out:)

  8. Hi Jo

    What a question..... what can't I live without..... after a lot of thought, I have to choose my trusty Bernina sewing machine that I've had since 1982, I think it deserves 1st place at 25 years old and still going strong.

    Lol Julie

  9. Well, what a one-of-those-you-think-you-may-answer-just-like-this-questions!
    I spontaneously would say: micro-fur, as I create mini-teddies. But - to be honest - I can´t stand old lace, I cannot stop looking for nice paper, I love silk knitting yarn and and and...
    So, what I always have around, are my scissors. Very sharp, very peaked, tender grip - great!

  10. I love seeing what you are creating..and can't wait to see the finished project..you are so talented...I can't live without thread for sewing and embroidering on my machine..:)

  11. My favorite art supply that I can't live without? There are at least four:

    1. Prismacolor or Copic markers
    2. Prismacolor pencils
    3. Sculpey Glossy Gloss
    4. Cotter Pins!!!

    ... and you are just so creative... I can't wait to log in and see what you'll be up to next!

  12. Well, I've thought and thought and thought and came up with a very long list. Then I tossed that list. If deprived of one favorite, I would quickly find a substitute. The only supply I cannot live without is COLOR.

  13. Sharpie markers in all sizes and colours,needle and hand-quilting thread,glue and brushes,brushes,brushes.

  14. My favorite item right now is my hp printer. Do I spy your egg half on your alarm clock?

  15. I love Creative paper clay too! I use a lot of cardbord and newspaper. Those houses are fun can't wait to see them finished! Thanks for sharing.:)

  16. One item I use up quickly is the tiny bottle of Dritz Fray Check! It goes over all my machine stitching, knots and raw fabric edges!
    I enjoy reading your comments Jo...and would love being at your elbow as you create!

  17. I love Creative Paperclay best, too. I went to the site and saw a little video by Martha (yes, that Martha). I was wondering why they don't have an artist's tutorial section on their site...I love seeing your things in process.

  18. Ok Jo found it lol....So cool never thought of brown paper towels and such...

    My favorite supply...Creative paperclay and polymer clay..But I have been enjoying recycling objects right now...

    xoxoxxoxo TY


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