Starts and Finishes

Last week's starts have all become finishes.

A cheerful little Christmas House-Head.

Disco-the-bird needed a wing transplant.
The first pair was too flamboyent, even for Disco.

And a little Santa bat.
Oh what, like that's so much less believable
than a fat man and flying venison??

Meanwhile. . .
Next week's finishes are still this week's starts.


  1. I adore the house-head! I feel just like that lately!!!

  2. Love them all....I want to try and make a house head lol...


  3. They are fabulous! Your work just makes me smile. :) Pam

  4. Starts...finishes...pffft! It's mighty close to the silly season, or as we downunder say, The Season of the Headless Chook (chicken). Well done finishing those lovelies.

  5. Santa Bat may be my favorite ever!

  6. Second vote for the Santa Bat. Not sure how the fatty flies but whatever magic you create Jo, takes flight!
    Lordy, Georgie Pordgie, it's really windy and wet in Washington. What a storm that blew in! Trying to keep the power on, hoping and praying it all blows out to the ocean.

  7. I think my favorite parts are the tiny details, like the snow on the roof!

    I love it :)

  8. Vote #3 for Santa Bat! But I must admit, tho' I fall in absolute LOVE with ALL your finished dolls, it's forever the UNFINISHED ones which most intrigue me. I think that may be the writer in me - there's just something exciting about looking at all the snippets of ideas and deciding how to configure & join them to make a wonderful story! Your dolls are ALWAYS a story - from start to finish, lil' Jo - and they ALWAYS end HAPPY EVER AFTER! I LOOOOOVE them!

  9. I'm liking that winged Santa! When I was a little girl, I used to tell my mom I wanted to marry Santa and she laughed when I married a man with the last name Clauss. I always thought I should collect Santas, being a Clauss and all...

  10. So love looking at your process Jo. Amazing to me how you put it all together into such unique little characters. Keep them coming!!

  11. santa bat... so annoyingly adorable i can't stand it!! Love your work! :)))

  12. I like seeing your table of 'unfinished' starts!! I try and piece them together wondering which arm or leg goes with which body. I liked Disco's flamboyant wing; the house head is amazing, and the Santa bat is quite unique. Always a joy to look at!

  13. Anonymous11/08/2009

    Flying venison... LOL! OK, OK, I'll go for the bat Santa. I think you're having withdrawels (love that creative spelling) from Halloween.xx


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