Messiness Into Silliness

Last week's paper mache messiness. . .

. . . has turned into this week's silliness.

          here             here       here

Well, not all of it turned into something else;
those poor little neglected houses are still sitting there,
waiting for inspiration to strike.

Sometimes I'm a decision-making machine, impressively firing off decisions with lightning speed and not a second thought. But then there are other times when even the simplest of decisions just seem too hard. Never mind deciding what to create next, I can't even decide what I want for lunch. I'll blame the rainy daze.

How 'bout you?


  1. Its amazing whta you make from paper and glue!!

  2. These are so wonderful!! I particularly love the alarm clock man :))

    I understand perfectly what you mean regarding that all or nothing creative mindset. I'm just in the middle of a 'all' period myself at the moment and there just don't seem to be enough hours in the day!

    Warmest Greetings

  3. OK, so I'll be blaming heatstroke.

  4. Oh My Gosh...
    I love the little fairy, her face is just exquisite. She has the most precious expression. You so bring these little characters to life. What a gift you have.

    The little alarm clock man is so cute too. He looks so like he is the cat that has eaten the canary.

    The bird is precious also carry your two little characters.

    I love it. What a wonderful artist you are. I can't even draw a character, let alone make something out of paper mache. What a wondeful gift you have to bring such beautiful life to these characters. I love to come here and see what wonderful friends you have created. Thank you for sharing this beautiful morning.

    Country hugs...Sherry

  5. I know what you mean, sometimes I think I use up all my decision making juice on my freelance work and have just jelly brain left for doll making...
    It's all looking good on your work table though :o)

  6. Wow Jo I love the clock.....how did ya make the bells on top of the clock...amazing.


  7. Well, I think you're silliness turns into the best creations ever, however, I do understand the lull in the brain power. Seems like the harder I try, the more time I waste!

  8. Yup I am with you on that. Somedays I am a total sage...wisdom, decisions, orderly...I am in the ZONE! Then I will have an entire day (or 2 or 3) filled with random stuff, doubts, and no solutions...LOL let's hope it evens out in the end!

  9. I can't even IMAGINE the kinds of wonderful creations that you actually MAKE! WHAT BRAIN FREEZE, JO???? I adore the clock man! Oh, heck - I adore ALLLLLLL your little folks! (And YOU!)

  10. I just love your work - it always make me smile. :) As for making decisions, sometimes I just sit and stare at what I'm working on, hoping against hope that a little tiny spark will happen! LOL! You have enough creativity for all of us! xo Pam

  11. oohhh.. i love the one on the right.. she looks like a little fairie. :)


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  13. I know that feeling, sometimes I just need a break, so I took some days off to get out and do something different. Now I can get back to creating and make some presents for my friends.

    I like the new pieces, the bird with sleigh is my favorite.


  14. You're asking me to decide on an answer as to what causes my indecision?! ACK!


  15. and weebiles woobile but they don't fall down!!


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