Looks Like Christmas

We busted out the boxes yesterday, and pulled out Christmas!
The family room is looking merry and bright.

I made a bunch of these cute little houses for a colorful Christmas village.

My collection of tiny deer feel right at home amongst the pretty houses and bottle-brush trees.

The Santas are all hanging out on a big old trunk.

The kids have made many Santas over the years. . .

. . .each of them a treasure.

We have a little fake tree that we like to pick a theme for every year. It comes out with the rest of the decoarations, a week or two before the real tree.
The themes aren't very complicated; this year's is White.

We used silver and clear too, because they're close enough.
We made these easy and inexpensive additions wth clear glass balls and some ribbon-

We just threaded the ribbon into the ball and replaced the little top thingy. Voila! An ornament craft that even a teenager can do. Under the tree sits a Dylan-made sled and some scrappy stars.

I know that stockings are traditionally hung by the chimney with care, but a table works too.

Each year we add a little charm to the stockings. I haven't added this year's charms yet though.

Can't forget our furry friend, Tuesday the Wonder Fluff.

The teddy bears come out to play at Christmastime.
I got that one with the blue-striped shirt for my 1st birthday, many Christmases ago.

Naturally, they insisted upon party hats.

Hopefully, we'll get the real tree next week and get to bring out all the ornaments (each of them with a tiny ghost of Christmas Past attached).


  1. It is fun to see how you decorate.


  2. Wow, It's starting to look a LOT like Christmas....

  3. Aw, that's a cute setup!

  4. Oh Jo! Its lovely! BUT I can't believe it, the little blue striped teddy bear is the very same bear I have had since I was three..I knocked my front tooth out riding my big wonder horse rocking horse and the tooth fairy brought me that exact same bear...an early Winnie the Pooh, I'd say, and I have NEVER seen him anywhere else! I still have mine, he was my favorite bear of childhood, but our boxer pitt bull puppy, (now he's 5,) but when he was a he chewed off the nose and eyes...I was sick about it! So funny to see yours sitting here.
    Love all your decor....
    Merry Creating!

  5. Oh my! Aren't you festive?! Love it! We decorated - half way...lol. My husband made one of your houses...I have a feeling that my village is going to be a one horse town - lol - my husband is not so crafty...it took him 2 hours to make one house...I even let him make it with scrapbook paper instead of fabric...please tell me how you use an ENTIRE bottle of tacky glue for one house? I am baffled - lol.

    Little Dirt Lane

  6. What a happy go lucky tour. I love it, especially those Santa's by the kids. It's going to be a very happy time for all of you in December...I just know it! I like the idea of the charms each year. What a heart warming thing to do. Good night and everyone sleep tight...Santa's on his way!

  7. oh your home is full of whimsy..can't wait to see the rest..I love it all.:>)

  8. Anonymous11/29/2009

    The Santa collection is wonderful, and I have let my ghosts of Christmas past out at my place.
    I have been reading your blog(s) for about 6 months, and love seeing everything you make.
    Make this a great Christmas!
    Judy B

  9. Your Christmas village is gorgeous! I love your reindeer collection. What a great idea to add charms to the Christmas stockings...I think my Liberty would love that!

  10. Que belas imagens! Adoro passar por aqui. Beijo

  11. OK. NOW it feels Christmassy! (I think it was the bottle brush trees).

  12. Your post is helping me get in the Holiday Spirit! Love the Santa collection! Actually love it all... noticed the "Tuesday" stocking, I used to have a special kitty named that too!

  13. Oooooh! You weren't KIDDING! You DID decorate! I'm SO glad I'm not the only one who spotlights her stuffed critters! I've been laughed at for YEARS for piling all of them under my tree! I have a Pinocchio bank under there, too, that was one of my daugter's Christmas gifts when she was 2! She's 38 now. And my Smokey the Bear who is - gasp - 56. I LOVE the way your houses look with all the deer & the trees! And the party hats? WONDERFUL! We'll want to see your REAL tree, you know! (Sigh - wish I could SMELL it!) P.S. LOVE the idea of adding charms to the stockings!

  14. I've been quite irritated today as local schools and services are closed so hunters can pour into the woods and shoot shoot shoot. My daughter is home with a friend whose mom has a "real" job. Your happy post has done a great deal to turn my mood around. I'm going to start hauling out Christmas. Right now! Thanks for sharing all of those photos.

  15. How wonderful! You've actually inspired me to get crackin' on my decorating!

  16. I love your work. You are so creative!
    I´m curious to see every new posts from you.
    I want to let you know that I pass the One Lovely Blog Award on to
    you, because I think your blog is lovely.

    Here is the link for you:

  17. Coming here is always a blessing and a treat. Wow, this just helps my heart and soul.
    Happy Holidays!
    Candace in Athens (who wants to just come hang out with those cute little deer but has to stay in Georgia -- drat!)

  18. Fabulous houses. What a great way to showcase your favorite fabrics.

  19. After reading your blog this evening, it really is beginning to feel like Christmas. Love all your decorations...I'll just bet your house is fun for the holidays. Being such terrific artists, what kind of gifts to you give to friends and family? I just love artsy folk :+}
    Merry Christmas and be blessed,
    Lana, scottsboro,alabama

  20. Love looking at all your holiday decorations!


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