Lights, camera, action!

Here's a peek at today's work table.

I put in a 14-hour day yesterday, and managed to get everybody base-painted. Gee, I wonder what color I'm loving this week?

Dylan and I are finally embarking on a project we've been wanting to do for months-- making a pattern with an instructional DVD. (It's tricky. There is lots of planning involved, something neither one of us is too keen on.) So today, I'm doing step-by-step drawings for the pattern part, and getting three Santas started on the road towards their small-screen debut.

I'm super camera shy, definitely preferring a behind-the-scenes role. So I'm really nervous about my part in the video. Dylan assures me that it'll mostly just be my hands doing their arty thing. Hmmm. . . maybe I'd better dig the paint out from under my fingernails.

Anybody else stepping out
of their comfort zone today?


  1. NO WAY! TOO scary to even think about. I don't even have a current picture of my face anywhere to be found on the internet...BUT...You be brave. Pretty soon we'll see you dancin' in the moonlight...

  2. What a wonderful idea. Folks have loved your work and I'm sure they, as I am, are curious about your methods! You have such a distinct style....even if others make things from your pattern, it will be much different! Go Girl!

  3. I stepped out of my zone earlier this year with Self Portrait Wednesdays. But creatively, I am stepping out more and more... I have always loved certain media but just have not done them. And now I am...

    You're one of the instigators of this, btw. Just sayin'...
    Candace in Athens

  4. So cool....love the red! Your worktable is SO neat and organized looking!

    I think the video of your pattern is going to be wonderful! Great idea!

  5. WOW! An instructional DVD and a pattern project created by The Cart team...sounds exciting and I can't wait :+}.
    Don't you worry about your role in front of the camera - you'll be great! We will be so intriqued with what you are doing and trying to mimmick it that we won't even see you ;+}.
    I have all the faith in the world that you can do this. (I am a retired teacher who almost fainted (I did cry) when I had to give an oral report in front of my class in high school). Absolutely LOVE your work!
    Lana, Scottsboro, AL

  6. I LOVE these new things... The are going to be wonderful. The color scheme is beautiful and they are such a wonderful shapes!

  7. It's like Santa's workshop!

  8. OMG! You're finally doing it! A class! Bravo! I'm first in line to purchase it! You'll be great! Just be yourself! Hugs!

  9. anita's post made me laugh, i have tons of photos of my kids but i hide from the camera!! your video will be awesome!! can't wait to see the owl? finished, i love sundays and seeing what's new!!

  10. Yesterday

    A&E with my grandson, with a 'pulled elbow'.

    As you know it's hard being a mum when your babies have a pain, but being a Julie-nanna is really hard, comforting your own baby and her baby was such a trauma and double the heartache.

    I must just add, that the doctor (are they getting younger, this one I'm sure hadn't left school yet) just held Reu's elbow tightly and with a twist of his arm it clicked and he was right as rain within an instant, no crying and best of all, no pain.

    Jo, I hope making your film is not quite so traumatic, I shall look forward to the results, I shall be holding your hand metophorically speaking, while you take to the stage.

    All's well that ends well, from a very tired an exausted Julie-nanna.

  11. Hello There......may I exchange work tables with you? You would have plenty of room to do whatever you wanted on mine......because.....it's empty. For the time being I am just imagining what could be there, which would be good for an April Fool's Art Show only. Anyway, don't be nervous about appearing on camera...only a few thousand people will be watching......and be sure to tell what color nail polish you have on too. I am looking forward to seeing this new venture......wishing you luck. I am usually zoned out...... so now I will zone in on your new video.....the dream team together once again! Most important have fun doing it.

  12. Wow ! A DVD pattern, that's a cool idea ^^

  13. Does getting the flu shot count as stepping out of your comfort zone? I just did that today. Ye-ow! Looks very interesting your works in progress. I will be checking your Sunday night debut!

  14. I look forward to the video. I'm sure it will be fantastic.
    Yes. Lately I have felt out of my comfort zone due to deadlines and creating new pieces for buyers:)

  15. He he, I NEVER appear on the internet either, I hate having my photo taken, have since I was a kid. I find your work ethic and the way you are so organised so inspirational, changes need to be made to my chaos!!!

    I have nominated you for an award hop on over to my blog to accept if you have time :o)

  16. Wow I'd love to buy you're DVD!

    Funny I have a ceramic plaque that says "Do one thing everyday that scares you"

    Yes I stepped totally our of my comfort zone and started my own ning to teach polymer clay dolls... I am so challenged now so I understand.

    I'll be watching for your DVD : )

  17. And I thought I was pooped form coming back from Disneyland!!


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