Happy Halloween!

Banana is our resident mouse. Okay, she's actually a rat. A Dumbo Satin Rat to be more precise, but the kids agree that sounds rather insulting, so we all call her mousie. She is gentle, well-loved, has a very silly personality, and loves Cheerios.

The kids are too old for trick-or-treating
(or so I've been told),
so it's up to Banana to bring home the goods this year.
What she lacks in stature she makes up for in stealth.

 Fare thee well, Banana,
you noblest of creatures!


  1. First let me say that Banana can STAY at your house!!! I had one of those little critters in my basement studio. Yes I said HAD and that's all I'm saying! Sneaky little &_@$_)&*%@_#+@_*%@+_)#+_@(#@ and let me also say &$_@_)%+@#&@*(%++.!
    And second.....TOO OLD FOR TRICK OR TREATING!!!!!
    So sad....so very sad.

  2. A big warm Happy Halloween to you ALL as well! :-)

    SpOOky Best,

  3. we had a little mouse that our cats caught as a minute baby..and I mean maybe a week or 2 old..still pink just getting his color..we feed him bread and milk..and he just passed away after 6 years...we called him jingles..not sure if it was a boy or girl..but we didn't get to pet him as he was afraid..but we loved him..;)

  4. Rats make the best pets. They are smart, sturdy and won't walk off a table like a hamster.

  5. ...How cute and great photo too! We had a mouse have babies when I was in 4th Grade and I got one for a pet, her name was "Minny" (I know, real original :o) Anyway, she lived a long life and was very loved... :o)

    ..."Season's Screamings!" "MWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA"...*giggle*

    ...Blessings too...

  6. Happy Halloween to you, too!!! (my kids are too old to trick or treat as well) (boo to that I say)

  7. Adorable! Have a happy Halloween!

  8. Oh, Banana. You are so sweet. Banana, love the name. Love love.

  9. Anonymous10/31/2009

    Happy Halloween!

  10. If it's ok with you, I'm sticking with Banana the MOUSE. Not that I'm over the moon about the mousey versions either.

  11. Hope you had a Happy Halloween!
    Very cute Banana! at my house my "guard-cats" would get him and make him into a "toy" (I hate when they do that!) and if they didn't, well, my "herd" of dogs would!
    It's good he's found a safe home with you!

  12. Everyone should have a resident rat....er, mouse!

    Banana is very cute and glad to hear that she is 'earning' her keep!

    Season Screamings...love it!

  13. how adorable!! I had pet mice as a kid (long before i had cats :)

  14. EEEEEEKS! No mouse-people HERE. I am strictly a cat person! But as far as rats/mice go, your Banana is a very cute one!

  15. CUTE photo!

    And YAY!!!! For someone else who doesn't just go "YUCK" to rats!

    I keep trying to tell people, if you're going to get your kid a small rodent pet, get a rat. They are sweet, smart, gentle, loving, adorable... etc.

    But does anyone ever listen? NO.
    Then they get a hamster and the hamster bites their kid.

  16. When I first saw this picture before you had clarified that it was indeed a rat I was going to post that no, that's not a mouse.

    Beautiful little dumbo eared Banana!

    I too am VERY fond of little rat kids and yes, Cheerios are a must have!!


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