All Sewn Up

I finished that deer I started last week.
Didn't she turn out sweet?
You can see more of her here.
I'm gonna have to make another one for me ☺
(if I can get Dylan to sewn another up).

Speaking of sewing, have you all seen this awesome site?

I'm always inspired whenever I visit.
Sarah, who runs Sewn, is having a giveaway over on her blog.
Fabric fun!


  1. Oh my gosh--that's positively precious.

  2. Jointed...just for the fun of it. I can see her leaping tall fences right now. Sweet and creative for sure. Love it!

  3. she turned out terrific!!
    Oh Etsy's doing maintenance...I was going to take a peek at your shop...oh well this means I have to get back and work on my own dolls!!
    I'll have a look at your Etsy shop later!!

  4. I love this subject, I've made a similar one a few months ago with polymer clay, but with yuor technique it's fantastic!

  5. I love the little deer! Such a cutie, I can see how you're smitten!

    Also, that's a great website! Thanks!!

  6. What a sweetie pie! Ooo, make more please! :-)

  7. Love her and her expression - I can see why you want to have one for yourself! She's absolutley precious!
    I'll check out the SEWN Blog!

  8. you little deer turned out so cute..;)

  9. Hey.. I lost that... I think she belongs to me. LOL J/K VERY cute!!


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