While the Cat's Away. . .

Being ONE member of the TWO-person team that is Cart Before the Horse has it's perks. My very favorite of which is that I never have to handle the packing and shipping part of having an art business. Unless, perchance, the other half of this team is out of town.
With the Mr off roaming about, his duties fall to me. He has got this packing thing down to a science. I never hear him cussing as he bangs himself in the forehead with a wayward box corner. Twice. I never find him so encased in tangled tape that he temporarily looses all use of his hands. And I know that even when presented with three (3!) buyers all named Barbara, he never mixes up the art only to figure it out later and have to re-pack it.
I am so not him. So it is with no small effort that I have accomplished this daunting task (which he manages to handle gracefully every week, I might add).


OK, so there may have been a rather exorbitant amount of tape used. And copious notes checked and re-checked. And bad words muttered.
But overall, I'd call my packing challenge a success.

I'm sure getting all these boxes to the post office
will present it's own unique brand of comedy.


  1. Make the post office pick 'em up. You've suffered enough!

  2. You are such a lucky cuss! I would give anything to have someone do my packaging! I guess it's good to have to do it occasionally?
    Run hard I'll throw you a big piece of chocolate for a job well done!

  3. I can relate . . . unfortunately due to first hand experience. Good for you! You deserve a treat. You can pick yourself up something on the return from the post office.

  4. I must admit that I have looked at your art operation with a bit of envy. Everyone NEEDS a Dylon to do all the awful stuff! Stuffing makes me crazy! Packing and weighing and shipping! YUCK Listing on Ebay! BOOOOO
    This time apart will make you putty in his hands.

  5. Every now and then, it's good to do your partner's work for a day, just to not only appreciate his role, but also to keep your skills up. Looks like you did a fine job. Hope he's back on the job asap so you can focus on the beautiful art!

  6. How I would love to have someone do my packing for me - it is the one job I hate. Kudos to you for getting this done without too much injury to yourself! LOL

  7. I would say, I would not want to do that much packaging, but I would like that much business;)
    I am glad your sales are doing so well, it is good to see american made art being bought.


  8. Loved your post, can relate...but it may be only an illusion. He may have things well in hand, but still be uttering an (explicative deleted) or two in his head. ;)

    Your work in the mailroom is awesome in deed! Jo

  9. You've got it made girl- I HATE listing and I HATE packing/shipping... I think I would have edited the auctions to state the shipping would be delayed until the Master Shipper returned!!!

  10. I can soooo...relate. I'm trying to get two packages shipped off to Montana and one to Texas...however I will not be defeated. With tape, packing bits, address book to the rescue we raise our swords and will not be conquered by the tape and boxes! Smiles from me to you!

  11. UGH! I HATE, LOATHE, DESPISE PACKING, and even MORE I hate going to the post office. And TAPE? I have been referred to as the 'maniacal tape woman' - LOL! A POX on wrapping tape, that stickiest and messiest and most contrary of things! You did a GREAT job, tho' and should you ever have to do it again, feel free to email me & I will GLADLY send you a list of extra cuss words (in my Comanche language) you can use against that dastardly packing experience! Bwahahahaha ...!

  12. I agree with Kai. A pox on packing tape, my arch nemesis, constantly trying to entrap and entangle me in the most insidious ways....

    I too have no mail delivery and must transport/juggle/drag everything to the P.O. Where is the pony express when you need it?

  13. I know exactly what you mean.. tangled tape/fingers/labeling mishaps, etc. Are you sure you're not discribing my boxes? lol
    That towering stack is indeed an accomplishment! Deb

  14. Mmm. Hey I don't need to bang my head to cuss...
    However, I don't have to fly nearly the dangerous missions you and Dylan do, so I must bow out gracefully here and light a candle to the Fates... or is it the Norns? Mmmm, maybe the Gorgons?... and say "better Dylan than you" and "better you than ME!"

    Love that last photo, though, Jo. Mission Accomplished.

    Take time for a treat!
    Candace in Athens.

  15. Take one challenge at a time Jo and you'll do just fine. :)


  16. I have an award for you
    (Kreativ Blogger award) on my blog if you would like to pick it up!

  17. great blog- love your art.

  18. Just checking to see if I won the giveaway yet. har har.

    Renee xoxo

  19. I think it's an artist mentality we dont think in order/sequence.Everytime I have to do packing/shipping I just completely lose it.


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