It's the Little Things

Dylan (the man-of-The-Cart) drinks buckets of tea. Straight, unsweetened, cold tea. He always buys the store brand, being a very un-picky man, but yesterday the store was out of its variety so Dylan got the brand on sale, Red Rose. And guess what? This cute little scarecrow (seen here making friends with Duck and Skunky) was tucked inside, just waiting to make my day brighter. Yay!

I admit it, I'm a sucker for little unexpected surprises.
What can I say? I may be a grown woman, but my heart is still a girl.
So naturally, being presented with such a lovely little gift, I pranced happily about, looking for the perfect home for him.

He is now surrounded by other delightful little things.
(That beautiful baby is my sweet daughter, long before she could roll her eyes in melodramatic exasperation.)
Dylan is just happy that I'm so easily amused.

What are the little things
that brightened your day today?


  1. Overstressed with too much to do in one morning, I found out my work had run out, so I could get my chores done. Before my son took off for classes, I rushed out and got the groceries, bought B-day gifts and cards for people, mailed them off, felt exasperated by 9 am, came home and opened the car trunk and went in to use the bathroom, came back to unload my groceries to find my 21-year-old son had unloaded the car for me without being asked. Now, that sets the tone for the whole day :-)

  2. I look forward to every Friday night because I go out to eat with my parents. It's all about me! (brat)
    Oh and my seven doggies didn't potty in the house last night....ah life is good!
    Have a fun weekend!

  3. Watching my 4 year old run up and hug his friends goodbye after Kindergarten. Such a spontaneous and happy act. And they all hugged back! The parents were grinning....you don't always get to this from boys. Mine is such a rough and tumble one, I was a bit surprised! Too sweet.

  4. I got to watch my daughter play at school. I was undetected for quite some time. It delighted me to see she is happy and comfortable... but that's not such a little thing really.

  5. What a happy posting! I love the idea of visualizing you wondering a round with your prize in hand looking for a home for him. I have to say bird songs always delight me. Sometimes, like today, I hear a different voice warbling in the back yard. I looked out today and a whole flock of scarlet tanagers were migrating south. They look like tiny sunsets on wings. So beautiful!Thanks for sharing your happy moment. Tammy

  6. I grew up on Red Rose tea! Today I walked 3 miles in the rain which for some odd reason filled me with delight...but I am a bit of an odd duck. :)

  7. 7 quarts of tomatoes sitting on my counter that I canned from my little garden. They are so perty I can't seem to put them away. & finding a comment from you on my silly little fledgling blog. It made me feel like a little star in the universe!

  8. Is that a wade figure? I collect the wade kitties, they are fun and small. Today I found a little pewter kitty with a ball of yarn for my collection. So that made me happy, love finding little treasures like that at the thrift.


  9. It hasn't rained today.......yet!
    Seriously though, I would love to be a fly on the wall at your house, sometimes!

  10. hmmmm...you have me thunkin'. Well, my treats of the day were walking the dogs tonight. It was so pleasant out and all the other dog walkers tonight had "Little doggies" like mine. So it was almost like the big dogs stayed home so we could walk safely without fright of big paws and big barks.

  11. Your "tiday" is "my yesterday"...the little thing that brightned my day?
    I laugh an dwas happy to work( I'm a nany) when I told to the little girl:
    "This afternoon I'll back with something to do an other necklace..." She answered: "oh, yes the first one is too old now!" and seemed to be so sorry on here face...the first time we made a nacklace was the friday before!
    It's not simple to explain it in english...but it was THE moment!

  12. For me, it's the beginning signs of Autumn! Oh, how I LOOOOVE cool weather. I love COLD weather even MORE so BEWARE because I become hysterically happy in the winter! But yesterday I SMELLED the difference in the air, saw the old Summer things fading, and KNEW 'my' seasons were upon us. Today your POST made me happy! Your posts ALWAYS make me happy! Thank you for that!

  13. that is so cute!! it reminds me of my little wade figures from my mom's tea boxes growing up! hooray for the little things:):) i'd be lost without 'em:) xox...jenn

  14. Probably have to say the odd assortment of 'stuff' found in blue jean pockets of my family members.

    Before I toss them in the wash - I check the pockets & find all sorts of gems


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