Bone Daddy

Inspired by Guatemalan folk art figures celebrating Day of the Dead, like this one. . . . . .the very first Bone Daddy was born. I painted this funny fellow 6 years ago while working in a very unvisited gallery, in an effort to keep myself from falling asleep at my desk, and he stole my heart. (Don't worry, he gave it back.)
We've revisited Ole Bone Daddy many many times over the years-- in paintings, quilts, ornaments, and figures. He has become a member of the The Cart, and I'm always happy to bring him to life in yet another incarnation.
This week he's is perched atop the moon. . .
. . .his little cousins are being carried by a winged guardian. . .
. . . and he's seeing triple.
This last trio are quite the crooners,
singing in three-part harmony.
I was enjoying their a'cappella rendition of Monster Mash, and even their fully-choreographed version of Super Freak, but when I wasn't looking someone taught them It's a Small World, and now they've got to go!


  1. These new Bone Daddies have such a relaxed look about them. Like they've had a super hard day and are just sitting down in their recliners to rest their weary bones.

  2. ..."Monster Mash" and "Super Freak" I could see, but "It's A Small World"? - Nahhh... :o)

    ...As always, great stuff!

    ...Blessings... :o)

  3. I am not big on bone people, but your creations I like.
    The one on the moon is my favorite.


  4. OMG, Jo, you kill me! I now have that annoying song in my head, and you know how that goes...it'll be there forever...my short-term memory is awful, yet, for some strange reason, it will cling to the most annoying things...like "it's a small world..." thanks...LOL big hugs!

  5. These are simply wonderful. I love coming here to visit and am playing catch up... can't believe it's Bone Daddy Time again already.
    Take care!
    Candace in Athens.

  6. Anonymous9/03/2009

    They are lovely :)

  7. Love the bone daddies!!

  8. The bone daddies are awesome...now all they need are some bone mamas!

  9. I love the bone daddy on the moon - that is my favorite! Great job!

  10. You, my dear, are one magnificent, talented, innovative NUT! And, OH, how I DO love NUTS! LOL! I also love the bone daddies, one & all! One of my day's highlights ever since my friend Cherie 'introduced' me to your blog, has been to come & visit. And it IS a small world AFTER ALL, isn't it? (Sorry.)

  11. When I think of "Monster Mash", I remember the Halloween episode of "Doogie Howser" when he and his buddy did that...hokie, I know. But I'm an old fart, and old farts can be hokie. hehe....

    Love the Bone Daddies, especially the Crooners. Somebody should teach them "Goodnight Sweetheart" or something....to get rid of that "Small World" thing...just MHO ;)

  12. Wow, these are awesome! You know, I have one of those skeleton figures, almost identical to the one in the first image. It's standing right here on my desk.

  13. Bone Daddies rock! :^)
    Love the seals below too!


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