I asked for some suggestions for what to write about last time around, and got some wonderful questions-

Do you get a lot of custom orders? What's your favorite thing you ever created and did you keep it? How do you prepare for back to school? Whose art would you like to buy if you had the money? Thanks Heidi for all those writing prompts! Sometimes I need a little help getting my typing muscles moving.

And Jen wants to know how I manage to get so much done week after week ☺ I get asked that more than anything else! So I'll start with that-

I get so much done week after week primarily because I am half of a team. Dylan and I both put in about 40 hours a week on art and art-related busy-ness. That's 80 hours! I do the majority of the designing, all the painting and sculpting, and any final details (like clothing or any hand stitching). Dylan does the sewing & stuffing (woohoo! LOVE that man!) , the packing & shipping, the computer stuff, the photography, and he keeps track of all that pesky money business, which allows me to focus on the creative side of things more.

You can't give from an empty cup,
so I try to keep my brain well fed
on a diet of rich visual input.

It was no accident that we moved across the country to one of the most beautiful places in the world.
Every day I'm treated to visual delights, and any hike or road trip yields a feast for the eyes. I also snack on other artist's blogs and websites, and picture-full books from the library. I dream a lot too, and make sure to get enough sleep so that that side of my brain is well rested. Yes, I do sleep.
Finally, something that I highly value which fuels those creative fires like nothing else, is communion with other artists (whether it's in-person or online). The internet allows me to make connections that never would have occurred otherwise. I'm very thankful for that!

I'll have to get to those other questions in future posts. Only 3 more posts until number 200! I'm still thinking on what to give away.

Thank you
to all my friends out there,
cyber or otherwise ♥


  1. Hi Jo!
    Now your making me homesick...humm I can't quite recognise the location,,,exactly...is it north of you?

  2. Jo I love the photo... what a view. :) Yeah... I was also wondering how you got so much done and now I know. It's so cool Dylan helps you with all that. I'm a one woman show...hubby is only there for tech support if I should need him. LOL :)



  3. Oh how I long for a dylan to do those pesky things...lol...:) You two make a wonderful creative team!

    Love the picture...so beautiful.


  4. I think getting out and being inspired by beautiful places helps to get my creativity moving. That is really a beautiful area.


  5. Another question.. what do you value most in your own art? and what in other people's? and picking up on that other list of questions by Heidi: about marketing: do you also sell on other places apart from ebay? Art Fairs, galleries, what have you?

    Greetings from hardly-or-no-nature Netherlands, Kitty


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