Poetry House and Spinny Things

I just can't resist bragging on my kidlettes today.
J made the coolest project for his English class.
It's a self-portrait of sorts, that includes lots of poems in lots of styles.
J, being a normal-ish 13-year-old boy, was not so into it at first. But the more he worked on it the more he sunk his braces-clad teeth in. *
The "cover" had to be something that represented the kid making it, something they love. J loves being at home (as opposed to being at school), so he made a house.
He enlarged the paper mache house pattern I made some time ago, and changed it up a bit, hinging the front, draw-bridge style.
Inside are his poems.
I especially like his Haikus. . .
. . .and this one- I love it, of course, and will treasure it always! ........................................................................ * This past week he turned 14, and his braces happily came off. (woohoo!) ○ ○ ○ Lest I neglect to brag on both kidlettes evenly,
here's a very cool little animation that my eldest just did
for Daddy's other project. She is crazy talented!
You can see her blog here.

Oh heck, while I'm basking in the amazingness that is my household I guess I'll just have to brag on Dylan too. He just finished the first of 3 videos he has been working on. WARNING: It's got an R-rated word in it, so you might not want to blast it out loud with wee chitlins in the room. You can watch it HERE.


OK, I'm off to do non-creative things now, like cleaning bathrooms and whatnots. SOMEBODY's gotta do it.


  1. What a very creative family, but I especially adore the "House of Poems". What a great idea and so very well executed!!!!

  2. WOW!!! You have every right to brag, both projects are fabulous.

  3. Jeeze...such a talented family! Loved the little house and poems! Loved the video and am forwarding the link to my children and grandchildren...AND...loved all the white ornies this week! How exciting! Linda

  4. Dang, Dang, DANG! I love that video!! Those puppets are fantastic (and really keep the beat right on tempo). Too much! I was shocked that didn't have thousands of hits...yet. How many hours must have gone into just the planning.

    I have to 2nd the above. What a creative family! Your daughter's blog is amazing and I loved the house of poems. Leaves me thinking that your pets are probably super-talented too.

  5. It runs in the family, you should be proud.
    It is wonderful to see our children create.


  6. How awesome! I really love the poetry, very very nice. And the animation is awesome, I love how vintage-y (is that a word?) it looks. Thanks for sharing!

  7. watch-out for some serious competition here, you are going to be able to retire soon! amazing stuff! way to go kids!

  8. Joee,
    Your family is just FULL of talent!! I Love that little poetry house and the graphics your daughter made are just wonderful!!! LOVED her blog...she is so mature for your young age.

    Dylan's music and video are just awesome.



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