Day Tripping

The fog is hanging all cozy-like over this lovely morning. There's a pair of baby bunnies hopping around friskily on the dewy lawn. Funny little things. I saw a momma deer with two tiny speckled fawns too. SO cute! I feel very lucky to live in such a beautiful place. Here's a midday view of the lake we peek at from our window, it was taken from the top of the very steep hill that Dylan likes to climb. It was so beautiful and sunny yesterday that we just couldn't stay at home (pretty as that may be), so we headed down the road to McMinnville. It's about an hour away (distances out here in Oregon are measured in time it takes to get there ☺), but it's a lovely drive. That's where our favorite printer is. And we were lucky enough to make a stop there to get 3 new (and 1 old) patterns printed! hooray! We should be able to have them listed by Sunday.
We got Holiday Parade done- And Stars & Stripes (although, technically there are no stars on this particular Old Glory, but Circles & Stripes just sounded silly)- Amanita's Garden is my favorite (and a good beginner Cheater Quilt for those of you wising to try your hand at making one).-
And lastly, we got a second printing (with a few revisions) of our most popular pattern, Storybook Girls-
I can't wait til we can make the trip back to pick them up,
all fresh and shrink-wrapped in pretty little stacks. Whee!


  1. What a lovely view :)...your day sounds wonderful. I love all these quilts.


  2. Wave hi if you drive past Willamina on your way to Mac. Aren't the foxgloves and other wildflowers spectacular right now? Just went to Drift Creek Waterfall today for the first time and it was magical!

  3. Gorgeous view!

    All the pieces you've done are wonderful! Love them all.

  4. Gorgeous!! (The place you live AND the quilts!)

    ~ Carolee

  5. I always smile when I visit this delightful place.
    Thank you!!!

  6. Your creations are so amazing! well done! Is that Devils Lake??? I used to live in Lincoln City.
    ps...show some beach pics


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