Super Sunday

I spent the day finishing 4 new Cheater Quilt patterns (woohoo!). It's been brought to my attention that Cheater Quilt isn't necessarily the best name for them, but it has just kinda stuck. Maybe I'll do a poll or something trying to find a better name. Not today though.
Tomorrow, our eldest is off to play government with a bunch of other future leaders of America, and while she's gone we're giving away her room (mwah-ha-haa!). A friend is coming to stay with us for the week so we can get him started selling his art online. I'm sure I'll have to share some pictures of his really cool up-cylced street goods soon enough. In the meantime, we got pictures of Sunday evening's batch done early.
Here's a little sneak peek for ya-
Time's running out to get a hold of this week's goodies. ○○○ Hope everyone is having a surprisingly swell Sunday. ○○○


  1. Yeah, names matter. You're not cheating, your pushing the boundaries of art. And probably when people buy your patterns, they don't want to feel like they're (bold font) cheating (turn off bold font)...

    Painted quilts...
    illustrated quilts...

  2. How exciting that you will be offering patterns for us to try! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your Sunday too!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing...that is so cool!

  4. Ummmm I thought today was the 14th! I love your blog..always so sweet and witty! Linda

  5. Oh Jo, that little keeper of the nest is after my heart, I tell you! I love your color palette this week...so soothing.

    I like the term cheater quilt. It's true to what you originally wanted to do, which was (I think) do a painted version of those applique quilts. To me there's no negative connotation. I think it's a kind of quirky, fun title for fun project.

    Whatever you name them, they'll always be fabulous. Hope you're enjoying your Monday.


  6. Jo ....As always wonderful...hating right now LOL...muwahhaha on the room give away.

    Sonia ;)

  7. Jo you should call them whole cloth quilts... or whole cloth painted quilts. You aren't cheating you've just updated the whole cloth quilt version by painting it. :)



  8. Painted quilts sounds nice .And as always , all your work looks lovely !
    Meanwhile you joke about your daughter's room , but that actually happened to a friend of mine . After she'd been at college for three weeks she said she'd be coming home for the weekend , only to be told she couldn't "I've let it out to someone else . " Oh .

  9. Happy belated anniversary! You inspired me to do a strawberry illustration. Just have a few finishing touches to put on it. Hope you guys have a super fun and creative week!

  10. LOVE the new work, especially the bat, hehe! And very cool your daughter is involved in learning about government!

    Wishing you both a belated happy anniversary. :)

    ~ Carolee

  11. Hmm, I heard about 'playing' government, too... wonder if it's anything like the real thing? ;)
    And I think 'cheater quilt' is perfectly catchy! Love them..



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