Serious Silliness and a Strawberry Moon

The Cart is filled to the brim with glorious silliness
on this lovely almost-summer eve.
Things with wings flit about frivolously.
A fine-feathered friend guards a tiny treasure. And a flirty fairy is prone to flights of fancy. A merbaby swims with a starfishy friend.
Giggling gifts from the garden include a lemony lass. . .
a green-hatted gnome. . .
and a buttoned-up bloom.
A mischievous jester fails to frighten,
while his skinny sidekick attempts a jig.Moon-faced friends
have come down from the heavens to play along.

. . .

There's a Strawberry Moon tonight. Apparently, that's what it's called when a full moon falls right in the middle of strawberry season. Strawberry Moon-- how delightful! I'm listening to the night as I type this. A owl calls to another owl (I love that!) as frogs chirp and traffic whooshes quietly by. I can hear deer or elk tiptoeing along nibbling on wet foliage. Somewhere in the distance I can just hear the ocean sighing. Soft moth wings barely touch the window panes as those little things-with-wings try to get to the inside light.

Today was good.

Today is done.

Tomorrow is another one.


  1. Wow what great goodies!
    I love the butterfly and the merbaby, just adorable!

  2. good stuff going on over at your studio!!

  3. Wow..everything is wonderful.


  4. Try as I might to pick a favorite, I just can't - I love them ALL!

    Love your description of the night sounds too. Sounds very peaceful there. :)

    ~ Carolee

  5. Amaaaaaaazing work!!! Love them all...

  6. Jo...
    They are fabulous..Im glad you had a wonderful productive time..I love to hear the owls talk...

    Sonia ;)

  7. The bunny butterfly has won my heart, but they are all magical--just like that strawberry moon. Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Bravo Jo! What an awesome outcome for a week's work. You should be so proud :-)

  9. Wow...I love every single one of your creations! All are so unique and so full of personality!

    Your strawberry moon evening sounds delightful - love the sounds of nature and owls are one of my favorites!

  10. I think you may have just inspired a new painting! Strawberry Moon is the most delightful thing I've heard about in a long time. You guys were busy this week. Love every single whimsical creation.

  11. I agree w/ you 'Artfulife'. Strawberry Moon. It just rolls sweetly off the tongue doesn't it? I have never heard that expression before.
    Jo..your newest babies & critters are marvelous! I don't even want to try to pick a favorite, although the little moonfaces are waving their hands at me saying, 'Pick me, pick me!!'. LOL
    Would you consider just loaning me your imagination for a day or two? I'm sadly in need of a good portion of whimsy!
    Hoping for HUGE sales for you.

  12. I love the sunflower! but my favorite is the mermaid!
    Your work is absolutely stunning!

    Thank you so much for following my blog...please come and visit I am having a big sale on my art prints...see you there!

  13. WOW!!! They are all fabulous. Love the things with wings best...Great work.


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