My Favorite Color

I asked my kids what to blog about. They were less than helpful. We have an extra kid this week though. He suggested I answer the question, "What's your favorite color?" My favorite color? Do people really have favorite colors? I mean, when I want my butt to look smaller I love black. But it's not my favorite. Is black even a color, technically? Or is it white that's not a color? How about gray, is that a color? I'm not a big fan of really bright yellow, but when the gray days hang around too long, a splash of lemon yellow is just the ticket. I read somewhere that orange is the least favorite color of most people. I admit that orange is usually reserved for Autumn months around here. And then there's the issue of shades and hues. There are pinks I love and pinks I hate. Purple is the most subject to this shade discrimination, with Eggplant coming in near the top of the list, and Lavender scraping the bottom.
Actually, the cacophony of chromatic choices leaves me feeling a bit chaotic. That's why I tend to choose one (or two if I'm feeling particularly brave) colors a week and go from there.
Last week's colors were red and yellow (whoa, watch out!).
This week it's all about the white.
Too much excitement for me last week I suspect.
Do YOU have
a favorite color?


  1. Before becoming an artist I might have said blue or green was my favorite colors...but...now I would have to say orange, yellow & red : )

  2. Too funny! ....hmmm I am with you in that I think favorite colors are situational....on my person its black...in nature its green...LOL. White is a color loaded with meaning (for real!) so look out world...Jo's getting out the white paint!

  3. Color is so situational! I really love the ones that taste good. :)

  4. Green is my favorite color always. Mmmmm, green M&Ms, pistachios.

  5. I love Black!!! My mother used to get so upset with me, she was a real color person and I would always come home from shopping with everything black, still love it!

  6. Color is a matter of context for me. I have a fave color to wear, and then there are the fave colors for my work. I think when it comes to color I have several voices inside my head.

    I love your work by the way!

  7. You allllways put a smile on my face!!!!!

    My Fave color...def has to be antiquey aqua/robin's egg blue....perfection!!!

    One day I WILLLLLL own some of your stuff!!! This starving artist crap stinks!

    Happy Summer guys!!!
    xoxo Jenny

  8. Well......There is no question that black and orange draw my attention.....A freak of Halloween here...but, it's really weird.... I have always said I liked green....even as a small child, and I have no idea why. It's like something inside tells me to say it...........do you believe that the art of others can channel through you......well, maybe someone from another universe is working through me. I love that you choose certain colors for the week.....many decisions that solves. When I work, as in everything I create, whatever color,or material is near me I use. And I have to tell you.........Sweet freaks of nature are awesome........I love the possibility of it all!

  9. No , I don't have a favourite colour as such . I love white flowers and do have favourite colour combinations . Brown with blue ,either duck egg or powder , always works or grey and scarlet

  10. My favorite is orange. Love it. But the autumn-leaves-flaming-rust kind of orange.

  11. Green. I loved when you had a green week.
    I do love orange though. I never wear it but love Halloween.

  12. I love orange. I just painted my living room bright orange. People think I'm crazy, but I feel happier surrounded by orange. I even named by blog "Orange Asparagus" that I just started a few days ago. In my mind, everything would be better orange.

  13. Well, it does seem that orange is a bit more popular than originally thought. I used to detest orange, but now I'm drawn to it like a moth to flame.

    Bright yellow offends, unless it is a flower.

    Primary colors turn me away immediately.

    Not too fond of institutional green.

    Everything else is just dandy. Especially orange.

  14. I love the rainbow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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