Let Your Inner Child Come Out To Play

Is your inner child alive and well?
Mine is indeed alive,
although I don't know how well she is.
If the green plastic bunny barrette currently holding back my graying tresses is any indication, perhaps my own inner child is a little too awake. Truth be told, she's a bit of a banshee. She has an unconquerable sweet tooth I'm afraid, but Grown-up Me likes broccoli, so we're working on striking some sort of compromise.
My inner kid and I have a sort of running dialog. It's one of the side-effects (good or bad) that accompanies making silly stuff all day. Grown-up Me sets schedules and meets deadlines, but it was Little Me that insisted on bikinis for this week's batch of beasties.

Once they were complete however, we both agreed that the next proper course of action would be to make them fly around the room taking turns kissing Dylan.

And, of course, we both like polka-dots.

. . .

Children are endlessly creative, and inner children are no exception.

Have you let your Little Self out to play lately?


  1. Adorable! And the back shot, even more so... why yes, I have and guess what she likes? Paper dolls.
    Like you, we both like polka dots and I liked broccoli as a child but learned to like chocolate as an adult. It was a very rare treat when I was little.
    This blog never fails to delight me.
    Take care,
    Candace in Athens.

  2. My little self is giggling with glee over those swimsuits while eating a piece of pumpkin pie :)

  3. My little self wants to see the bunny in a thong.

  4. FAntastic 3some!

  5. Flying, polka-dot-bikinied, kissing-Dylan beasties sounds like the perfect inner child/adult balance to me.

  6. It almost makes me want to go out and buy my swimsuit for the season, and the adult side of me screams in horror at the thought. They are just adorable.

  7. I love these three! Too cute! (oh, for the inner child/grown up you - try chocolate melted on broccoli....then, let me know how it tastes LOL)

  8. My sewing machine is in the shop for a week, so I have been able to "play" in my studio for a few days. There is one piece of fabric I have debated putting polka spots (as my daughter calls them) on. I'll just go do that now. Thanks.

  9. Jo...if only I could look that good in a bikini...my lil girl inside says "rock it baby"...My big girl says "and scare the he%) out of people."..Im attempting my first clothdoll with clay and paint too...cross fingers...OY

    Sonia ;)

  10. OMG, these are RIDICULOUSLY cute!! I can hardly stand it!!!

  11. These are freaking adorable... I just love your style and it's so unique...LOVE IT ALL!

  12. OH, OH! Those bathing suit beauties are too much!!!

  13. Mailed my fabric for the swap (sorry I was late) with some fabric goodness for you.

    My inner Little Self definitely needs to come out to play more...

  14. That back view !!
    P.S. My squares went off last Wednesday , so you should get them soon . I hope you're not snowed under with the swap and can still find time to make more must-sees like these .

  15. Anonymous6/04/2009

    The little swimsuits are just too funny and adorable! ☺


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