Face-Bird Stencil

I thought I'd share the little anthropomorphic birdy
stencil that I made for the fabric swap.
Just print to the size you want, cover the image with clear packing tape, and cut out the black bits with an X-acto knife. Then take a barely-damp sponge, dip in paint, and pounce. I used acrylic paint, which will stay fast on fabric even after repeated washing.
. . .
Pink birdies could prance on pillowcases.
Blue birdies could bounce across baby blankets.
Great groups of green fine-feathered friends
could dance delightfully on cleverly created curtains.
Oh, the possibilities!


  1. Thank-you so much. I have just the right project for this. Hugs Rene

  2. I really like your little lady birdy person!

  3. Joee, what a great idea and I LOVE that stencil.


  4. Jo, thank you so much! This is great! (hands clapping)

  5. Thanks for sharing - you know that stencil/stamp thing always sends me a bit batty - no surface remains safe.

  6. I got my package today. How fun to look at all the fabrics. I think I know what I am doing with yours.
    I love the tag with a "T" too.

  7. My fabric arrived today...what fun! And you are such a sweetheart to share your stencil!

  8. quite awesome! Wish I had known about your fabric swap, what an awesome idea!
    PS is the cart pulling the horse? If so, who is pulling the cart? Or is the cart possessed?
    PPS I have a horse that needs a name, drop by my blog.
    no carts there though...

  9. Anonymous7/21/2009

    thought i should show you what i did with your lovely gift. i took a wet pre-felt class with textile artist Barbara Carr and made a scarf. see:ttp://sukey2studio.typepad.com/sukey2studio/2009/07/wet-felting-with-prefelts-classbarbara-carr-instructor.html
    thank you!


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