Circo Blanco

I've got a whole batch of achromatic beasties in the works.
I'm afraid they've rather taken over the studio. Generalissima Meg (that's what she has been calling herself) has proven to be quite the rabble-rouser. She has declared herself high-commander-in-charge (her words) and has made propaganda posters and everything. She was met with some initial resistance, but being the only beastie with a mouth really helped her in the debates. Generally speaking, such minor mutinies stay pretty tame due to their born-yesterday lack of organizational skills. But this batch seems to be different somehow. There is definite evidence of parliamentary procedure.
I hesitate to properly attach some of the more vehement ones' limbs as I'm afraid arsenals might be established. Oh sure, what harm could they do wielding nothing but thimbles and embroidery needles?
Plenty! There have been unsuccessful coups before,
and the occasional Band-aid was needed, lemme tell you.
She's even got the Little Reds sounding the chorus,
"Circo Blanco!"
I don't know where she learned Spanish. sigh.
God help me when I've given mouths to the rest of them.


  1. You are so funny, I needed a laugh.
    I do love her in all white, it makes a stunning piece of art.


  2. I always ooh and ahh at your work, and have been known to call other family members to the computer room in particular when there is Alice in Wonderland stuff (my absolute fave), but I must admit I am a fervent lurker. But this little gal! I love her - bring on the achromaticism!

  3. What's going on in that studio of yours? LOL...Viva la revolution!

  4. You are so clever Jo! You have quite the creative mind! Linda

  5. LOL Joee! I just love the achromatic theme.

  6. Ohhhhhh!!!! I love this one so much!

  7. That post really made me laugh out loud, Jo. And it couldn't have come at a better time!!! I love Meg White. She's so pale & pretty. She does look bossy.


  8. OMG "born-yesterday lack of organizational skills" - that is SSSO funny.

  9. hahaha...your post is too funny! Loved it!

  10. How can you not love a 'rabble rouser'?

    Now don't kick me - I promise you are not 'tagged', but I just nominated your blog a lovely one. All you need do is sit back, sip a cup of tea and bask in the glory!


  11. Jo she's wonderful... I love the white on white look. :)

  12. It's always the innocent looking ones that are the worst. Tee Hee.
    Have a great weekend.

  13. Hi Jo,
    I am out Blog Surfing, Thought I would drop by and say Hello.
    Loving your new creations...
    Happy 4th!
    Tammy (CCD)

  14. I love reading your posts and your new creation is as gorgeous as ever!

    Micki x

  15. She looks pretty in-charge too, especially now that you've given her her own little banner. Perhaps you should include a disclaimer when she goes to her new home that you can't be held responsible for any trouble she causes. ;-)


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