Celebrating Spring (amongst other things)

All this Easter egg hunting really put me in a Springtime mood.
I almost want to clean out my closests. Almost.
Instead, I stitched up a couple of new quilty paintings.
Spring makes me think of baby animals, so there you go.
Bunnies and Kitties and Bears, oh my!
Then, lest Easter be lonely, I stitched up a big ole group of holidays.
Oh sure, they're quiet right now, posing for their portraits and all, but it has been pure mayhem around here for the past week. When all those holidays get together, celebration is taken to a new level. It's that naughty little St. Patty that really stirs up the mischief. I keep telling her that she's much too young to drink. Plus, she keeps trying to slip green food coloring into the silliest of things.
And don't even get me started on that Easter bunny! Apparently, it's not just eggs he likes to hide. I still can't find my keys.

You'd think Halloween would be the trouble maker, but no. Besides eating all my candy and getting a little tummy ache, he's been quiet as a lamb. Come to think of it, maybe too quiet. . .

. . .

I hope all your days hold at least a small moment of celebration.


  1. I think Halloween definitely has that quiet but hmmmmmm, what you don't know look about him....may even be in cahoots with Thanksgiving..

    Wonderful :]

  2. I love your story of these little beings...
    I always follow your blog to see your new creations!

  3. gah! Killing me with this sweet perfection. I could look at it all the day long.

  4. These are darling, Jo! I love the little bunny, bear & kitty quilt--especially the patchwork blocks to the side. It looks like a blanket to me & oh, how little things love their snuggly blankets!

    They're beautiful!


  5. These are just beyond cuteness!!! I LOVE them.

  6. I am so tempted to bid on the holiday quilt! I am watching it in my ebay. Such a neat piece of holiday art that can be displayed all year!

  7. Aha! So that's where all my things disappear to. I'll try the overzealous Easter Bunny excuse next time my husband suggests I'd lose my head if it weren't attached. Your work is as beautiful as always. I do think Thanksgiving looks a tad naughty.

  8. Love the stories...and you know what they "watch for the quiet ones"...once again awesome...


    Sonia ;)

  9. YOur work is fabulous and your stories fantastic! Great work.
    have a great week!

  10. Adorable, as always. These are a real work of art. Thanks for your comment on my blog - it was my pleasure to give a little bit of attention to your wonderful creations.

  11. I was looking for the egg and there it is. Well, I am enjoying your blog very much. What you've made here is fabulous. I also noticed the mention of the Oregon Coast. We will be moving there this Summer. I'm excited.

  12. what a beautiful quilt and what a great idea! I love the way you do your eyes.....so innocent and sweet.

  13. ok. your stuff is ridiculously awesome! don't know how you have time!!! but i love it all! 'll be back for sure!

  14. I stopped over from Prim and Whimsey. I was there to sign up for the giveaway and am stopping by each of the sites. Wow, what talent you have. Everything is great. I am glad I stopped by, it has been fun.

  15. I have a little celebration on my blog, and one of your creations is part of it. Loved seeing you in CPS Studios magazine. I wrote about that on my blog.


  16. I love your new art quilt! I want to show you my art quilt finished, go to my blog. I had so much fun making it, thank you so much for sharing your talent!


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