Angel, Mushroom, Roller Squirrel

Some of my favorites this week are these teeny quilted paintings. They're not too teeny really, about the size of a postcard. I've had these blank wooden frames hanging around for quite awhile. I'm sure I got them on clearance at some point. I tackled the edges with an X-acto knife, painted them with a crackle finish, and sanded them up a bit.
I think they turned out just right.
This little angel is a snapshot of sorts of a new painty quilt I'm working on. You'll probably recognize Amanita from her debut a couple of weeks ago. The tiniest of those buttons are only about the size of an aphid. (For those of you who don't know how big a ladybug's favorite snack is, that's about 3 millimeters.)
We had to leave big fluffy-tailed squirrels behind when we moved from Florida out to the Oregon Coast. Here the squirrels have pitiful little tails, and are quite small themselves. So it's been awhile since I've seen a bushy-tailed one. They do have wheels, right?


  1. Those are so precious! Great work!

  2. These are amazing! So very cute!! :-) Silke

  3. My land you two have been BUSY!! The offerings this week are off of the charts, and yes, our squirrels have wheels...they are very sophisticated and travel savvy. You crack me up!

  4. Love how you distressed the frames. I have some of those too. I also have crackle finish too, guess I should use them;)


  5. Love them all (do you ever get tired of people telling you over and over how much they love your stuff?)

  6. Great pieces! If you hadn't mentioned the sizes, I wouldn't have believed they could be so small! Great work!

  7. Oh Jo....They are beautiful..of course...love the stories behind your work.

    Sonia ;)

  8. I have a huge love of squirrels, and I love this piece. We have the little red squirrels that tame easily and get into everything. Come visit my blog!!


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