Monday Monday!

I love Mondays!
No, really.
My week is set up so that I have a big deadline to meet every Sunday. So when most people are saying TGIF, I'm up to my elbows in things that need to be done. I'm almost always done by Saturday, so Sundays are good too, but Mondays mean a whole week of new possibilities lay before me. That's the day I get to decide what I will be making in the days (daze) ahead.
Plus, I don't work hard on Mondays. I dream and plan and sketch. And next Sunday's deadline couldn't be farther away.
And finally, in conclusion, Mondays are the best days because I get to stand back, take a breath, and enjoy the art that I've made the week before.
Here are the fruits (no pun intended) of last week's labor, and what I'm delighting in today-

What's your favorite day of the week?


  1. WOW! All that in a week?! You are amazing...and so are your creations!

  2. Wow, you really are amazing! Fabulous pieces...and all done in a week! Whew...

    My favorite day is probably Wednesday, for some reason, Wednesdays are good days for me, and I quite often go to an estate auction on Wednesday which adds to the appeal of hump day.

  3. Whew! That's some output.......but isn't it a wonderful thing to actually see the fruits of your labour and know that it is going to bring others so much pleasure. I kinda like Fridays because I do work at a 'job' a couple of days a week - after work on Friday I play in an orchestra which I love. But I like Wednesdays too, because that is when my grand-daughter comes to stay.

  4. I like Friday mornings because I usually have a three day weekend in front of me. I try to plan all things I want to do, and it is all good.
    Sunday evenings, I have to reassess all the goals, and usually I do all of the really important things.

  5. You know... I have to agree w/ you Jo. I do like Mondays. I used to hate them when I was working outside my home. Ick!
    Now it's another week, more ideas, more time to make more!
    BTW.. if you have time, plz. check out my blog Jo? I tried my hand at a Cheater Quilt. I'd love to hear your opinion of it. I absolutely LOVE yours. Blessings, Penny

  6. I absolutely LOVE your art! Your quilts, your dolls are JUST fabulous beyond words!!
    By the way, Friday has always been my fave day of the week, but lately
    MONDAY is taking it's place because
    of all the art that I plan for each week!

  7. I think my "favorite" day changes... it's usually my hubby's days off. They change every three months... so right now, Friday is my favorite... but by the end of the month, we'll be on Tuesdays, I think. :)

  8. Jo, I've just presented you with "The Sisterhood" award for your blog. Please stop by my blog to
    pick it up.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  9. I love Mondays for work as well. I try to cut back on work during the weekends so I can spend some quality time with the hubby and by Mondays I am raring to get something productive done. I love your style by the way, everything is fantastic but my favorite this week has to be the little pear boy. I just want to squeeze him.

  10. Mondays for me too! Sunday is usually a listing deadline but like you, Mondays are for planning the week ahead...

    LOVE the new work - I don't know how you do it all!!

    ~ Carolee

  11. You are very creative. I give for you premia in my blog and write why I like your blog. Sorry for my English.

  12. Again what a creation...
    My favorite day is.....
    Saturday I think..
    Sunday is my least.. don't ask me why

  13. You always amaze me, but the treehouse piece this week is just wonderful!!!!

    My favorite day is Friday...I get to look back to see what I got done during the week, and it means the evening and next two days I actually get to see more of the hubby. After 31 years that is a good sign!!


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