Three Years Ago This Week

Some of you may know that Dylan (the manly part of The Cart) writes a little e-newsletter every week to send out to whoever's on our cyber mailing list. He's been doing this for some time now and sometimes I amuse myself by perusing past entries. This one is from 3 years ago this week:
Alot of the ideas we have for things to make come from clowning around with half finished pieces. One of our favorite games to play is called Frankendoll. OK, I just made that up. We don't have a name for it, but it usually sounds like this... "What if this one had this one's legs, this one's arms, and these wings..." We've assembled some really hideous creatures, that usually walk a few labored steps with pitiful sound effects added to enhance the illusion. But this week the star of the show was a true hero called Carrot Man. Carrot Man had many adventures this week, flying around our home's airspace and spouting bad puns in a heroic cartoon voice. (The actor who does the voice for Carrot Man was nearly killed recently by a clearly irritated artist that we'll just call "Jo" for now.)
I love my silly silly man.


  1. haaaa!!! he cracks me up! i hope you still laugh at him, jo!

  2. I understand why you love that silly man!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Silly men are special! You are lucky to have one.

  4. LOL...How adorable...


    Sonia 8)

  5. you guys are too funny...i love carrot man :)

  6. You tell Dylan that I look forward to his Monday newsletter. He's alittle twisted and I love that!!
    Dylan fan...connie

  7. I love that twisted logic! I think I need to try it!

  8. You guys have too much fun!!! I love it.

  9. I said Frankendoll over and over faster and faster until I made a mistake, a slip if you will..and not a wearable one. You need to live closer, that could be dangerous being neighbors.....they could then have the whole block locked away. I love your wit, and clever repartee..it's rare in this world today, and to me one of the most valued possessions. Maybe your carrot man should meet one of my tater tots, and have a bake off to really see who is faster. I enjoy each one of your posts.......sign me up..... add me to the newsletter list!

  10. To funny :)..I understand about the "irritated Artist"...As I have a goofy man..LOL


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