There Had to be Bunnies

You just knew there had to be rabbit making going on around here after last week's excursion and bunny fun.
Easter's coming up soon enough anyways, right?
I've used this shape many times over the years, with very many variations
.Who was that masked rabbit?
This funny little sprout just sort of happened this week. Her bunny head was originally supposed to be a hat, but everything fell into place for it to be a mask instead.
I just love it when a plan falls apart,
and something better takes it's place.


  1. I do love your blog but usually just lurk. I love rabs, and have rabbit women in vitro (being made) as I type. This post is great! When MY plan falls apart, something better almost always takes its place. (while I pull the covers over my head)


  2. Life and art are funny that way....it's a good thing. :)

    The coolest dollies as usual, especially love the mysterious Molly and the bead-tailed whatsit-think I saw one at our feeder this am.

    Have a Happy Valentine's!


  3. Bonjour! Ah!!!! Both your new creations are lovely but the little masked rabbit is extraordinaire! It is so much fun seeing what new characters-creatures you come up with from one post to another! Hey! When you have a minute, come over to my blog! I am having two different giveaways this week! Take care, LuLu

  4. Joee,I LOVED seeing the pics of your overnight getaway!I bet you all had the best time!All of the art is fabulous,as usual!

  5. I've just found your blog through Morna and I love your work. I can't really tel what th epieces are made from though? Are they hard or soft? Fabric, papier mache or wood?
    Love th eheart bunnies.

  6. oh i love your work, beautiful, enchanting, and inspiring. i'm so happy to have found you - i've linked you, i'll be back!

  7. Loving your bunnies Joee!!! The mask is priceless and what a happy accident!!


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