Mermaids on the Brain

I told you I was on some kind of mermaid kick.
Here are the two latest-
They're a funny pair.
He's quite the cad, but she's a flirt
so it evens out I suppose.
He's rather muscle bound.
I suspect he's over-compensating (small fins).
She tries not to let her eyes wander,
but a mermaid's heart is a fickle beast.


  1. Bonjour Jo! Oh! this fin-pair is sooooo beautiful! Love the subdued colors and tones in your creations, the way their faces are painted. And I love the tattoo on the merman! Great work! I'm goona have to get myself one of your creations one day! Take care, LuLu

  2. Wonderful! The sculpting of the fabric, the painting, poses...everything!

  3. Your imagination and talent are amazing! Beautiful work!

  4. HAPPY HAPPY birthday Joee!!!

    Chris (-:

  5. Happy b'day! Mine was the 19th and of course, being a fish, I am doing mermaids and fish this week. Small fins... LOLOL! This post is just wonderfully fun.
    Take care and keep on keeping on!

  6. Merpeople.......rule...at least under the sea..........well done! I could see these fashioned on the front of a ship guiding it through the waters. I am glad you are giving Merpeople more exposure. As to your houseperson in the post before.....I love it! I am prone myself to creating figures that have an edifice complex. No need to apologize for any more free flow consciousness......whatever is on your mind figures....they're all good.

  7. LOL!! LOVE this pair!!


  8. Happy belated birthday Joee!!!

    I love your merpeople! And everything else that you create!

    I hope your birthday weekend was the best that you've ever had! I left you a cake on the EHAG board.....=o)

    Hugs, Lorikins

  9. Anonymous2/22/2009

    OH! Your dolls just make me SMILE! Thanks.

  10. These two folks made me laugh so hard. Small fins...too funny. But the tattoo & that stash really got me. I adore your creativity & imagination. It's absolutely one of a kind.



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