Button Gardens

Over the past year, various big-hearted benefactors have bestowed upon me beautiful, bountiful, bushels of buttons! The accumulated result of which has kept me knee-deep in buttony goodness for the last several days.
Joy of joys,
my button jars runneth over!
Amidst the frosty chill and wintery winds,
button gardens bloom.

In defiance of gray, button gardens bloom!

Naturally, faced with such an abundance of button-embodied delight, I had to share. This week's offerings are chock full of the little treasures.


May all your button jars,

whatever they may hold,

be overflowing.



  1. Congratulations!!! I got my Cloth, Paper, Scissors yesterday, and my two favorite arteeest are in it! YEAH!!! It is a wonderful article. They did a great job of showing off your stuff. I'm so happy for you two!
    Enough about you... why doesn't anybody give me buttons... :) PJ

  2. Anonymous12/30/2008

    What a beautiful use of buttons!

  3. VERY creative use of the buttons!

    GOOD clean Joee & Dylan FUN!!!

    Happy Happy New Years!!!

    Chris :-)

  4. Oooooh - I just LOVE buttons!! (Even have a bouquet of vintage buttons in a vase in our living room, hehe)....These pieces are just marvelous, and I see from the comments here I need to go buy Cloth, Scissors, Paper asap!! Big congrats!!

    ~ Carolee

  5. Oh what loveliness...is that even a word? Just love all this week's offerings!! Any-hoo...hope you and your family have a wonderful new year! Smiles, jackie

  6. Oooooo! Button goodness is wonderful! I love it! I picture those loves swirls, leaves and buttons as a border on one of your beautiful cheater quilts. Gorgeous and very inspiring.

  7. I just checked out Cloth, Paper, Scissors. Wow! The cheater quilts look great! Congratulations to you both. You must be so proud and excited! I'm excited for you!
    By the way Happy New Year! I hope 2009 is full of more surprises and adventures for you and your amazing creations!

  8. Great article from what I have seen so far in Cloth, Paper, Scissors!!!! Congratulations to you both. I am also a button fanatic starting from when hubby's grandmother died and left jars and jars!!

    My best to you both in the coming New Year!!


  9. Oooo Joee Words can not express the excitement over all this button goodness!!!!!!!!!!!! TY for creating!

  10. Very creative. I love it!

  11. Happy New Year Joee - hope 2009 is packed with blessings and joy and health and happiness and a buttload of giggles and laughs!


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