Cupcakey Sweetness

These extra silly Cupcake Girls have been tormenting me with their sugary sweetness all week. They'd be pretty mad if I were to take a little nibble off their heads, I suppose. And I suspect the culinary experience would be less than satisfying. No, these two gum-dropped goddesses are safe.
For now.

I had to bust out the glitter for this pair, much to Dylan's chagrin.
He's too tough for things like glitter. Yeah, right.
One cupcake is never enough, so naturally I had to make another. I don't know what flavor this one might be. Boysenberry perhaps.
All this talk of sweetness reminds me, I need to buy some candy corn before Friday arrives, with its promise of costumed beggar children. Actually, we've never lived somewhere where we've gotten trick-or-treaters. This is the first Halloween in this house, and the odds are against any nightime visitors, but my fingers are crossed.


  1. Hi Joee!!

    Love your Sugar Cupcakey girls!! Boysenberry....YUMMMMMMM.

    Your art is always a step ahead. Nothing short of perfection!

    Big Hugs,

  2. The lips are so fun! These are great. ~PJ

  3. Another hit with these two!! How do I look you up on ebay now that you aren't using the EHAG header? I might need a Christmas gift!!! HA!

  4. Love your little cupcakes!
    Hope you had a great Halloween.


  5. Love the cupcakes!! Hope you had at least a few little monsters stopping by....:)

    ~ Carolee

  6. These are beyond awesome! I love the how your mind works :)

  7. I can't wait to see what you'll post next! Your pics from halloween are probably wonderful. I can only imagine how much fun Halloween is at your house!


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