Juno Cat

The day we brought her home from the shelter had it's up and downs for Juno Kitten. First off, she was filthy. I suppose when you've lived in a metal cage for half your life, the softest place to sleep is in your litter box. So her new life began with a much needed bath. Maybe she's a Baptist?

Here she is, all spic and span, basking in the glory that comes with Supreme Rulership of the house.

Juno has two modes of being:
Being a cat in this house is a good life.


  1. What a cutie. I so miss having a cat.

  2. Ohhh .... she is adorable!!!

  3. She's a very halloweeny little cat, herself! She looks so playful in that second pic.

  4. Sooooo beautiful! Lucky Juno to be rescued.

  5. My two that are just under a year old were psycho yesterday and this morning it is the in your face, love you, hug me, rub me mode. You have to love them, don't you!!! I don't think I'll be without ever again. Oh, and get ready because if Juno is like our Jake, he may continue his "thing" for the litter box. EEWWWWHHH!!

  6. oh man i havent bathed a cat in a long time!! what a cutenik! Pam

  7. Juno cat is so sweet! Now you'll have lots of black cat inspiration and cuddling for your fall projects! I miss having a kitty to cuddle with, they make nice lap warnmers!

  8. Juno is beautiful! I used to work at a shelter. Bless you for rescueing her! She sure looks happy. Thanks for sharing her. What a sweetie. HUGS


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