Thanks Yous and Blogorific Eye Candy Awards

I've received several cyber-awards from fellow bloggers lately and I've been remiss on my thank-yous and acknowledgements. Sorry. My manners have been lax. Allow me to correct my egregious behavior now. . .
Thank you!
Thanks to all of you who
have generously acknowledged me, Dylan, The Cart,
and my bloggy goodness.
I promise to be better about posting thank yous in the future.
So, in the spirit of award giving, I'm passing along this bit of visual silliness to some of those bloggers who keep me and my eyeballs thoroughly entertained.

Please pass it along.

The Holiday Queen

Art Propelled

Johanna Parker


The Copper Mouse

Countryfolk Keepsakes


My eyeballs thank you.


  1. Congrats on having a BLOG-O'licious blog!!! Hehe '-)


  2. lol! So I am an eye-ball entertainer? Woo-hoo! Thanks darlin'! :> )

  3. Ahhhh, thanks for the Blogorific Eye Candy Award! :) I always enjoy visiting your blog too! What a treat!!

    ~ Johanna

  4. Hi Jo! Thanks so much for the lovely award!! :)


Thanks for stopping by!

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