Another Little Red, and Something Fishy

I just don't get tired of that little red-hooded girl.
Little Red Ridinghood was my daughter's favorite when she was little. We read every version of it from our library, and made up quite a few as well. Her best stuffed friend, Chalk (we think he was a hedgehog), even had to be outfitted with a red cape and hood. Chalk went everywhere with my own Little Red for years, and a substantial search party was recruited when chalk went missing at an airport. Don't worry, we found him.

So, naturally, this week's favorite is yet another Little Red. (This one with a less intimidating wolf than in the original version.)

. . .

Another design I've revisited several times is this human-faced, two-legged fish. I just love putting human characteristics on animals. Or vegetables. Or minerals even, come to think of it. Anthropomorphism it's called, that tendency we have of assigning human-ness to whatever.


What a great word!


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  2. Oooooo! I love Little Red and her little wolfie! So cute! You truly are an amazing talent! I love too see what you come up with next. i hope to own one of your pieces someday. I love your work!

  3. Anonymous7/01/2008

    Ah yes...I knew that word--anthropomophism--when i I saw it. I use it when I want to sound super smart =) Or explain the relationship my husband has with his car...
    You guys rock.
    Love, Jane

  4. Joee - I love that little red. Love her. She's so hopeful and innocent.


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