Crazy Week

This week started like any other, but you know what they say, "If you wanna make God laugh, tell Him your plans." On Wednesday Dylan woke up to a call from our landlord; she had sold the house we've been renting for almost 5 years. Surprise! After a few minutes of What??!! we embraced our challenge and set about finding a new place of residence. Lots of looking and calling and looking some more, but nothing revealed itself immediately, so we gave up for the day, resolved to wait for next week's paper (that's right, it comes out once a week) to come out for more leads. Then an evening call to a friend led to just the right fit. By the time we picked up our oldest kid from play rehearsal we were on our way to check out the new digs.
It's a lovely place, and we're having lots of fun figuring out how to arrange our new studio space. I'll miss living down the dirt road from my parents though. Right now we're out in the boonies, with cows and elk and Canada geese for neighbors. Many mornings I stop by my folks' house for tea and conversation before starting my day.
Lately the hummingbirds are taking over.
Funny, cheeky little things.
They're like tiny feathery birdbugs.
My dad has become quite the photographer as of late.
Here's the latest of many hummingbird pics.
Isn't it wonderful?
It's been quite the challenge trying to balance packing and working and such, not to mention the man-eating plant that we're making for my daughter's school play. But we have managed to get a few pieces done.
This one's my favorite this week:
Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells and cockleshells
And pretty maids all in a row.
Hope this day finds you all happy, healthy, and willing to embrace new beginnings should they arrive unexpectedly.


  1. As always, your work is awewsome....I just love this new "Mary,Mary...." creation!!!

    Good luck on your new home - it's wonderful how everything fell into place for you.


  2. Jo,

    Little Mary just makes my heart ache! And those babies are the sweetest.

    So sorry about the complete disruption. My husband & I have been occupying a rental for 4 years & I am constantly concerned that we'll get that call too. We're looking for a house to purchase right now, just so we'll have someplace that's finally ours, even if it's not in the location we'd like to be years from now.

    Have fun with the new place & new studio!!



  3. Your favorite is almost always my favorite as well. The first thing I do on Monday morning is go and feast my eyes on your new creations.

    Sorry that you have to leave your home, but I'm sure it's kind of exciting also. HOpe all goes well.


  4. When I think how little I get done each day, and the excuses that I think are valid, and then I look at all you do, so beautifully, I am impressed, to say the least. Now you throw in a huge disruption and you manage to just incorporate that into the mix! Wow! I'm just in awe!

    Mary, Mary is absolutely darling. What a wonderful imagination you have - and a very generous muse! :-)

    Good luck with your move and your new adventure in living!


  5. Oh good luck with all the moving. You have outdone yourself on this Mary. She is so precious.

  6. Oh, Joee! Those are my favorites, too. I was bidding for my birthday, but alas!

  7. This is my first visit to your blog but it won't be my last. Really, really love your dolls. Sorry about your home, but each day is always a challenge and adventure. Good Luck in the new digs.

  8. Joee!

    Best of luck and fun to you on your move. Moving is always exciting. A new space to call your own and create in. I love the creative process of decorating and such as well.

    Your new creations are always a highlight to my Sunday Evening. I am so glad to call you my friend. Wish I was there to help you pack and move.

    Many Blessings and Huge Hugs,

  9. Hi Joee....Boy can I relate to the whole relocating fiasco. I remember one time my husband was traveling and the kids were all under 10 and I just got home from work to find a sold sign in my yard and I had no idea the place was even for sale. It all worked out for the better though.

    I always find such joy coming to your blog and seeing all your new creations. By the way I got recruited to make a man-eating plant for my son's play, "Little Shop of Horrors" many years ago. I had a BLAST! Pam

  10. Joee she is beautiful! Good luck with your move. I can relate to that unexpected we`re selling :(
    Just remember to stop and take a deep breathe often.

    Your right though new beginnings ;)


  11. Hi Jo. What a beautiful humming bird picture. Your dad takes wonderful pictures.

    I love Miss Mary..she is wonderful. I'm amazed at what you are able to get done with all that you have going on. My head would be spinning.


  12. These are so lovely! Good luck with your move.

  13. beautiful dolls! and I love the picture of the hummers!!!

  14. Joee........I'm sorry and happy for you at the same time! Post pics when you get all settled in!

    Wow! Your dad is quite the photographer! We had hummingbirds galore at Pfatt Fest every morning and in the evening.....it was like a landing zone! LOL Not sure what kind of bush that was but they loved it! It had gorgeous pink flowers....I think someone said it was a bottlebrush bush?

    Good luck with your move! If I lived closer, I would come and help!

    Hugs! *Lori

  15. When life hands you lemons...well you know the rest!

    Sorry this happened BUT sounds like your new place sounds promising! Best of luck to you & your family!!!

    PS: I will miss seeing a Fool-O-Ween piece from you though! :(

    Spooky Hugs,

  16. Good luck with your move! I think it bodes well that arrangements for a new home to live in fell into place so quickly - maybe it was meant to be.

    Your Dad's hummingbird photo is amazing - and so are your dolls this week, as always.

  17. YOU have been awarded!!!

    Check me out 4 details!!! :)

    Spooky CK

  18. I bet you're dreaming of man-eating plants jumping into and out of boxes!

  19. Your work is stunning! So clever and fun.

  20. Jo...your work is beautiful! I just found your new blog (I'm a little behind the times these days)! Wishing you the very best in your new DIGS and hoping your move goes smoothly! Susan

    p.s. Mary Mary quite contrary is WONDERFUL! :-)

  21. Wishing you a smooth transition into your new place. Just love those flower babies!!

  22. Your dolls are always amazing. I love Mary, Mary Quite Contrary and her little flowers. So sweet! I just love nursery rhymes.


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