Angels and Addictions

This one's my favorite this week-

Dylan wanted to name her Long Tall Sally, but she was much too sophisticated for such a silly name, so she opted for Eloise. (Dylan, for those of you who don't know, is my sweet husband and partner in art.)

I think she'd make a lovely painting too, so maybe I'll do one next week.

* * *
I think I may be addicted to the creative process. I find it hard to go a whole day without at least drawing something. I suppose as far as addictions go, this one's not too awful.
We can all take the time to add some creativity to every day. For some it's cooking an amazing meal, or coaxing flowers from the ground, or engaging in imaginative play with children.
I LOVED having little ones to make puppet theaters and costumes for. I loved being their attentive audience. I guess I'm still doing that, only now I'm making props for school plays and watching baseball games.
I only enjoy cooking on rare occassions, but I always love the chopping up vegetables part (just not onions *boohoo*). When I was a teenager I worked at a sub shop, and I worked the closing shift. Not much going on at a sub shop at 1:am so I'd amuse myself by making veggie prints with the bell pepper slices dipped in mustard. Some things never change.
= = =
What form of creativity do you revel in?


  1. She's lovely and what a wonderful skirt! My addiction seems to be fiber...

  2. Joee I think Eloise fits her pefectly! She`s a true beauty.


  3. Yes! I agree the creative process can be very addicting. I just wrote about that on my blog a couple days ago...I was saying that I think there must be some sort of chemical release that happens during the creative process...There is also something so satisfying about completing a project and stepping back to have a look at it...

    Eloise is awesome!!


  4. What a beautiful angel! I love fiber/textiles and I sometimes paint. What I'd like to know is, how do you make all these wonderful things AND maintain a great blog AND live the rest of your life? Do you sleep? Do you have "rules" - like for how long to be on the computer? I'll sit down for "just a half an hour or so" to check mail, check blogs, etc. and the next thing I know it's time to wonder what's for supper. A bit of an addiction problem. I need to redirect the addictive behavior back to my work room - or, more accurately, my "playtroom."

  5. I really like her dress! For me it could be any material that provides a creative outlet. I like working with paper, wood, paint, fabrics and found objects. All of these things bring me happiness when I am creating. Oh, and don't forget the file....the file of creative ideas I have been tearing out since I was in high school. That is a constant sorce of ideas for color, texture & inspiration.

  6. Oh, she's wonderful, Joee! I do love her so!!!

    And I had to laugh about you doing prints of veggies at the sub shop with mustard. When I was a teenager I worked in an office, and I used to do drawings using the "Do Not Bend" stamp...I should do that again!

    Come see my Masked Tomato Girl painting...

  7. I know what you mean! I find that the thinking process takes most of my time and mind - I feel like I am permanently making mental notes on shapes, colours and "how to apply this to that" visions. A day without creativity is sad and lost for ever!

  8. Greetings for the first time. Im Kat from "Scaredy Kat FolkHeart" & found you on Doreens blog. Congrats on the "Big Win" (you lucky lou) and your new adventure in moving. Many blessings for you.
    I think you have a gift expressing yourself.I savored each word.And Love your blog.
    I am in fact an addict but thank God Ive been in recovery for many years, but theres no help for the addiction, passion, or love for art...thank God again! (smile)
    Id love for you to pop over to my blog, one can never have too many friends or blogs to share...enjoy your day ...Peace, Kat

  9. Your work is just simply grand!! Such a unique touch you add to the art of doll making!!

    Congrats on your big win from Doreen (I followed you here from her site!! LOL!!) What a wonderful treasure she has given!! Yum!!


  10. Hi Joee. I stopped by to say CONGRATULATIONS on winning my 100th post giveaway!!!!

    Eloise is fantastic....I love her beautiful dress and all the wonderful layers.

    I know exactly what you mean about this work being addictive...I create everyday and if a day goes by where I have something else to do...at the end of the day I feel like there is something i've forgotten to do!

    Puppets..how wonderful..that is something I have ALWAYS wanted to try...I've been attempting to figure out a pattern for awhile now. Still working on it though.

    Hugs to you

  11. I'm sorry to hear of the sudden move...i am sure that must be so very hard...I'm glad winning made your day :)


  12. Hi Joee ~ Eloise is just gorgeous! And I soooooooo hear you about the creative addiction, hehe....For me it can be anything and everything - drawing and painting of course, but also sculpting, cooking, baking, herb gardening, music. Can't imagine a day without creating something!

    ~ Carolee

  13. Joee,
    OMG!! I just adore this doll!!!


  14. Of course I love to paint with thread and sew bears and dollies...my newest "addiction" is those tiny little balls of Valdani three-strand floss!! Oh, my!

    I also love to garden, and we are trying a new "urban garden" method this year, everything in containers...your sub shop story made me think of my favorite passage in "Girl With a Pearl Earring"...Vermeer notices Griet because she's chopping vegetables in a kitchen...arranging and composing them...you have to read the book though, to get the whole lovely story. :)

  15. hi! just found your blog, love it! YOur dolls are really wonderful. I make bears and dolls also. I've had the best time finding creative people in "blogland"! I just wish I had more time to play out here!!
    check out my blog too! it nice to meet you!

  16. hey....the third bear and doll maker in a row! we're on a roll ... although they posted some time ago. I just found your blog and arrived from Cabinet of Curiosities... saw your name and avatar on comments and checked in to see what you do....


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