Just in the nick of time. . .

I got my squares done and in the mail this morning for
Monica Magness' big pink community charity project.
It's quite the undertaking, but I'm sure the finished product will be breathtaking. Be sure to visit her blog for all the latest
and the amazing gallery of squares.
Thank you, Monica!


  1. Wow those are beautiful! Nice work!

  2. Your squares are beautiful, Joee! They're just perfect--so serene.

    Hugs, Marilyn :)

  3. awesome stuff Buttonhead... but I never expect anything less from you.
    This is going to be such a spectacular project when Monica pulls it all together!
    Can't wait :)

  4. there heeeere! up and posted to my blog, the new batch of 2x2's! LOVE these (Enzie was right!)!!!

    Yours are FANTASTIC!!! I'm thinking of taking an entire week off to work on our Pink doll. Yes, quite an undertaking but worth it in the end. Our families and friends support us for our efforts- who can beat that? Lots o' love in this project, like one GIANT hug! :) xo, Monica


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