Some Favorite Kid-Made Ornaments

The above are just a few of my favorite ornaments that the kids have made over the years.
We try to make ornaments together every year. It was easy when the kids were little-- just throw a big box of art and craft supplies in front of them, sit down together at a little well-covered table, and they're good to go. Hours of fun!
Now, however, their attention spans are a little less craft-time focused, what with puberty and all. Still, I keep trying.
Even though getting them into playing with glue and glitter is less likely than getting them to voluntarily wash the dishes nowadays, they still really like looking at all the old ornaments they've made coming out of the box when it's tree decorating time.
I'm amassing a box of new supplies and ornament directions now, hoping to pounce on the kids the first time I hear, "I'm bored." Wish me luck.

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  1. OH! Those are wonderful! Treasure them with all your heart!
    Thanks for sharing those with us.
    :> )


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