The Latest Silliness

Here in the Pacific Northwest there are 4 seasons. Not exactly Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer in a traditional American postcard sense, but 4 nonetheless. Here, the seasons are more like Spider, Mud, Mold, and Summer. We are in Spider season at the moment, and the 8-legged beasties are plentiful! Arachnophobes beware! In between getting caught in invisible webs and doing weird little dances, I've managed to add 2 new pieces to the menagerie. 

Meet Gemini. These punkin-headed twins share everything, even a name. I was going for Burlesque meets Victorian meets Circus with this pair. They're bigger than my usual fare, standing almost 18 inches tall.

And they're a bit cheeky.

And secondly is a Halloween Parade of sorts. I salvaged a handful of little antique drawers about a year ago and have been waiting for inspiration. Ta-dah!
The skeleton is my favorite. I'm gonna have to make more like him.

Well, back to the work table... 
See ya soon!

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