Thinking Small

When I started making this batch of tiny wooden things, I wasn't sure what they'd be. I mean, I had a general idea (bee, bird, bird, bird), but not a complete vision. I thought maybe they'd be brooches, but I don't wear brooches, and very much prefer wall jewelry to real jewelry. I was also thinking about how much I like collecting stuff, but how little wall space I have. So I thought small.
I snapped some pics along the way. Day one, two, and three:
I'm quite pleased with how they turned out, and happy to have them fancying up my walls for a little while as they await their forever walls. Their names are Brimble, Freckle, Grumble, and Blackberry.

So you might have noticed that that snapshot up there of  Day One isn't all birds and bees. There are deer legs and dolly bottoms in there too. . .
. . .for Sprout, Ceryn, and Sprig.

And while I was thinking small, I made these teeny weeny itsy bitsy skellys. . .
Tiny enough for necklaces! So of course I had to make adequate presentation boxes for such skeletal silliness. . .
And last but not least in this week's little lineup. . .

. . .The first pumpkins of the year, Sherman and Carolee. I thought about selling them separately for about a minute, but I'd be a monster to separate them.

"If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way."
-Napoleon Hill


  1. I love the bee, birds, and gnome dollies. You have a wonderful imagination and create such lovely pieces.

  2. These are killer! LOVE THEM

  3. Adorable Jo, love them all and your skelly packaging is a stroke of genius!


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