Today's Table (Uh-oh, I'm in a title rut again.)

I wasn't able to finish my pumpkin people over the weekend like I'd hoped, but they'll get the attention they deserve soon. I have to finish a bunch of skellies first, then it's their turn. The elephants have been waiting patiently as well. Luckily, pachyderms are nothing if not patient. I was able to finish a whole bunch of other stuff though, and I helped to make about 300 snow cones for hungry football watchers Friday night. What does that have to do with art? Nothing, but I did get messy. And we managed to raise a bit of cash for Boy Kid's school's band program. One of the best perks of my job is having a schedule flexible enough to do some volunteer work. For instance, Wednesday I'm making dinner for 24 hungry teenagers. Boy Kid nixed my original menu plan (saying something about teenagers not wanting Quinoa) so now I'm trying to figure out a plan B. And painting. And painting some more.
Did I mention painting?


  1. LOL! I bet they didn't want Quiona. Funny.

  2. Good luck with the dinner for the teenage boys. That's so nice you can volunteer and help him. Thanks for the peek at your table. Have fun painting and painting and painting some more.


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