Tuesday's Artist: Kim Murton

In order to keep my creative tank chugging along I like to fill it with all sorts of visual fuel. This "Tuesday's Artist" thing is my way of sharing some of the artists that inspire and delight me. I asked them to do a little finish-this-sentence sort of mini-interview so we might get to know them a little better. 
This week's spotlight is shining on Kim Murton. Her ceramic pieces are just the bees knees! They're colorful without being gaudy, delightfully rotund, and don't take themselves too seriously.  I usually put up polished pictures of one particular piece at a time, but I love these candid studio shots from Kim's blog. There's just something about all those happy groups that makes me want to clap my hands.
Kim says:
If I wasn't an artist maybe I'd be something entirely different but I can't image what. 

Today, I'm listening to short stories. Music wise, Paul Westerberg and Radiohead.

I'm really good at forging ahead most of the time-- I don't give up easily.

I'd like to be better at making things happen business wise-- that is always a challenge.

When I was a kid I was little and timid and in my own head.

I hate it when I get wrapped up in things that don't matter.

My workspace is the first place I go when I come home.

I hope that my art never gets stale.

Right now, I'm really into drawing a cartoon drawing every day. It's like calisthenics.


Besides her awesome ceramic pieces, Kim also does little illustrations for her project called Worry a Day. She has been doodling her daily worries every day since 2009! I can certainly relate to many of them. Here are a few of my favorites:

You can see more of Kim Murton on her blogs, here and here.


  1. Oh, you're right it does make me want to clap my hands. Her ceramic artwork is so fun. I also like her cartoon/worry-a-day illustrations. What a lovely interview. I know what she means about getting caught up in things that don't matter.

  2. Wow - she is one of my favorite artists - love her ceramics and her sketches.

  3. I really like the look of her ceramics! And her cartoons feel like they would be fun to follow and therapeutic to read. :)

  4. Cool post- love it


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