Today's Table (in the works)

Today's table has a split personality,
insisting that my mind go in two directions at once.
(I can't tell you about the first picture's silliness yet. It's a secret.)

I'm very grateful to be where I am today, mostly on account of it's not a million degrees outside as it is in most of the country. My heart goes out to those of you not lucky enough to live in the Pacific Northwest.


  1. It looks like the start of some wonderful new pieces and I love your fairy queen piece, she is really stunning.


  2. Oooooh! I love a secret! Can't wait to hear what all the cut paper is about. Love seeing your desk! A contant changing fun place!

  3. Oh, I like the owls... can't wait to see the finished product! Hey, it's nice and warm here in DC... sure you don't wanna trade? ;)

  4. Anonymous7/03/2012

    LOVE The horns!! Can't wait to see the final pieces!!


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