Today's Table (In the Works)

Along with the usual suspects, I've got something very different in the works today. I'm really hoping to have it done in time for Sunday's something-new.

It has been an odd few weeks around the ole Cart. We thought we were moving, but then. . . well, not so much. Luckily, I had only packed one box while we were waiting for the answer that just never came. So, for now anyway, we're staying put. We'll just have to see what next month brings. In the meantime, we're practicing being in the moment.

Did I mention that I'm not terribly good at being in the moment?


  1. Beautiful! I'm really intrigued by the plant with the faces<3

    I find that so hard too! I'm working on it every day though;) One of these days I'm gonna get the hang of it!


  2. Ah, I love the tree babies or whatever you'l call them. Yeah, living in each moment is best. But sorry to hear about the uprooting and then nothing. Glad you didn't get much packed before the news---or lack thereof. Take care.

  3. I really like that plant one!


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