Tuesday's Artist: Elsa Mora

In order to keep my creative tank chugging along I like to fill it with all sorts of visual fuel. This "Tuesday's Artist" thing is my way of sharing some of the artists that inspire and delight me. I asked them to do a finish-this-sentence sort of mini-interview so we might get to know them a little better.
This week's spotlight is shining on Elsa Mora.
Born and raised in Cuba, Elsa now lives and works in LA. I especially enjoy her fearless experimentation in a multitude of media! I also love how she incorporates a healthy dose of symbolism, myth, and folklore into much of her work.
Bee Miniature Paper Sculpture

She says:

If I wasn't an artist maybe I'd be a patient in a mental hospital obsessed with my arts and craft therapy :)

Today, I'm listening to what my son is trying to tell me without words (he's autistic and needs me to be able to listen beyond his words).

The Secret

I'm really good at being on time, I'm never late.

I'd like to be better at sports (specially swimming).

When I was a kid I was like a little grown up inside and very smiley and friendly on the outside.

I hate it when. . . So far I don't hate anything. But I get upset about any kind of injustice.
Tree House

My workspace is my little planet.

Right now, I'm really into answering these questions.
Femina Pantarum

I hope that my art keeps helping me stay happy and sane :)

You can see more of Elsa Mora on her blog or her Etsy shop.


  1. Ah... one blog, two talented artists... what a treat this is, for us. Thank you.

  2. What beautiful things!

  3. I have watched Elsa's work and have her in my fav folder...what a dynamic spirit she posesses! love her and her work, and how she 'answered' your questions...
    Thanks Jo!

    Blessed be,
    Lori from Notforgotten Farm

  4. I love this interview!
    Elsita is amazing :)
    Thank you Jo.

  5. Your words are just as lovely as the art! Just at the moment I needed a little piece of comfort and sanity. Thank you!



  6. Amazing Elsita, I love everything she does, I love her Art

  7. I find both her work and quotes are quite inspiring, thank you for this introduction to Elsa's art.

  8. Beautiful work! I love her quotes :)

    xx PC


  9. I am with you in loving Elsa Mora - wow. Everything that she does is breathtaking and leaves me thinking about her for days on end. I can always find the "kick" I need when I am stuck by checking Elsa's blog....
    Thank you sooooo much for doing this interview series.
    We all need to be inspired by the amazing things other people create.
    Happy Day!

  10. Thanks Jo :-) I really enjoyed this.

  11. Fantastic artwork!!! Thanks for sharing this amazing artist. I love that her workspace is her own little planet.

    I'm now going to my little planet.


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