Today's Table

These two looked so cute standing next to each other that I just had to play with them in my new favorite online editing site, PicMonkey. I was so sad when Picnik (my former favorite online editing site) closed it's cyber doors, but PicMonkey has totally consoled me. 

Here's a peek at this morning's table. Usually I have stuff in all states of completion on the table,  but today it's just two states: done and not even started. 
I'm ready to tackle the day though. My iPod's all loaded up with my favorite podcasts, and a new-to-me band I'm totally loving called Alabama Shakes. I love how the lead singer just looks like someone who'd be in line with you at the grocery store, but then she sings and somehow sprouts wings and floats several inches off the floor!


  1. love the 'littles' on your table...they look like great friends ~ I have been playing in PICmonkey for a couple of days...FABulous!!!


  2. If I was really rich I would special order a chest set with your little incredible people! Love them all!

    Great band - I'll be checking them out in iTunes. Thanks!

  3. Wonderin' what your fave podcasts are? I'm always on the lookout for suggestions.

  4. thanks for the link to Picmonkey - such great effects possible there.

    Your work is so interesting, thanks for being so open about your ongoing work.

  5. your art is awesome :)

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