Today's Table (In the Works)

There's lots to look at on today's table!
I've got all sorts of things in the works this week. Those completely adorable (if I do say so myself) bunnies and a happy moon are just supervising while they await shipping.
I'm sculpting some heads today. Three of them will be sugar skulls.
I'm not sure what the fourth one will be, it hasn't told me yet.
I'm using a combination of additive and subtractive sculpting methods. First is the subtractive. Dylan cut me out a flat skull shape using the scroll saw, and now I'm whittling away at it to make it more skelly shaped. Next I'll move on to the additive part as I add paperclay details.
(On a side note, I painted my fingernails like tiny watermelon. Did you notice? I hardly ever paint my nails, but I just could not resist the cuteness of watermelon fingers.)

This one will have a mask, but I'm not telling what it will be. I'm just mean like that. 
Any guesses? 

And there are pairs of birds with riders in the works, and a pair of little sitting something-or-others which may or may not get those little butterfly wings. They'll all definitely get sculpted heads though.
And lastly, there's a pint-sized version of our new full-sized moose in the works. 
Dylan just can't get enough of those mooses! 

All in all it's looking like a mighty productive Monday.


  1. Such a glorious Monday table, stacked with all sort of cuteness and cuteness to become. I look forward to seeing the finished pieces Though it's always lovely to see them at their creative beginning :)

  2. I just love the stacks of body parts. They just delight me.

  3. Wow, I'll say its productive! Lots and lots of good work! Hmmmm.... I like the suspense of not know what the mask will be....you know ....it keeps me coming back for more. Always fun to see what your'e up to. Oh, and yes, I did notice your watermelon fingers. Soooo cute.

  4. Anonymous5/22/2012

    Such delights in the making!! You must have one happy table with so much company!


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