Today's Table (In the Works)

Here's a little peak at what's on today's table. 
 This batch will get their arms and wings and be on their way this afternoon. Dylan and I are both really surprised (but happy) that people are still wanting Santas and Christmas ornaments. 
That didn't happen last year.

I thought it would be fun to snap pictures of a week's worth of tables. The following pictures are of the tables that greeted me in the morning every day this week (besides Friday and Saturday on account of I took those days off).
Monday (today)
Now I have to put Alice and friends aside for a little while I finish a batch of made-to-order stuff.
A big batch of stuff. A dauntingly big batch of stuff. Wish me luck!


  1. I just love your amazing creations!! That's awesome your so busy... and still Wanting Christmas items?? I was wondering about that. To be honest, I'm still in the X-mas mood!! Good Luck on your huge orders!

  2. That was neat to see!! Love your work!!!

  3. Thank you! I love being able to peek into your creative world. I love everything I see... especially the pile of teeny arms. :)

  4. These are super cute :) I love your style. Kind of folky. Are they painted fabric?

  5. ...YOU take days OFF?! Get. Out. ;o)

    ...I love that lil' Dalmation! Ah-dorable!

    ...It's great that you're so busy. I'm sure you wonder about that at times but it sure beats the other and it's obvious that everyone loves what you do. That's a good thing. :o)

    ...Enjoy your week!

    ...Blessings :o)

  6. It always make me grin over at your place - all those body parts scattered around and about.

  7. so fun to watch you guys work! what about the house with the face on it? what was that??/

  8. I loved seeing the progression from one day to the next! You & Dylan are just PROLIFIC! I could never create on the scale you two do! It's AMAZING! And even more so because each finished piece is so beautiful!

  9. Anonymous1/10/2012

    Oh I'm in love. THESE ARE GORGEOUS. Seriously crushing on your blog!

  10. Anonymous1/11/2012

    Oh my, there is a dog there! I am a loyal reader of your blog, always in awe with your work, but this dog must be my favourite creation of you ever!

  11. Gah! I love watching the progress of a week's worth of work table loveliness! It's marvelous to see them go from linen to painted wonder. :)


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